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Concert to the 'Atrato' Passengers.

From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 22nd November 1872

During the time that the passengers of the ‘Atrato’ have been located at the Emigrant Depot, Plymouth, thanks to the energy of the Rev Francis Barnes and other gentlemen, they have been entertained by weekly concerts, given by ladies and gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood, which have been very highly appreciated by the emigrants at large. Latterly other gentlemen, prominent amongst whom were Mr. Watts, and Mr. S. Clarks, have interested themselves in the same direction, and as a result of their efforts a concert was given at the Depot last evening which was on all sides pronounced to be the very best of the series. The artistes were Miss Coall, Miss Fly, Mrs. Moreton, Mrs. Gant, Miss Husband, Miss Arnold, Miss Thomas, Mr. J. Fly, Mr. J. Readie, Mr. Moreton, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Talbot, and Mr. C. Mutten, and by these ladies and gentlemen a well arranged programme of music, both sentimental and comic, was gone through to the evident satisfaction and pleasure of the crowded audience who listened to it. Mr. Fly’s brilliant cornet playing was, as it always is, much admired, but he owed not a little of his success to the very able way in which he was accompanied on the piano by his daughter, Miss Fly. Mr. Rendle sang two capital songs, “The warrior bold,” and “Come lads and lasses;” Miss Husband was deservedly encored in all her songs, and Mrs. Gant was very heartily applauses in the only song which she sung during the entertainment. One of the best things of the evening was Mr. Moreton’s rendering of “The Death of Nelson;” and the duet, “The sailor sighs,” between Mr. Rendle and himself was also a marked success. Miss Coall sang “The meeting of the waters” with much feeling, and she also assisted in a duet with Mr. Bennett – the much admired “Excelsior;” Miss Arnold likewise gave valuable assistance, and Mr. Talbot played a violin solo with considerable skill. The comic business was entrusted to Mr. C. Mutten, who sang four character songs, two of which were set down on the programme, and two others in response to hearty encores. “Nobody’s Child” and “The Schoolmaster” especially seemed to please the audience, and the concert was altogether a thorough and decided success. The ladies and gentlemen who, in turn presided at the piano, were Miss Fly, Miss Thomas, Mrs. Moreton, Mr. Hoar, and Mr. Pardew. During the evening Captain Husband, of the ‘Atrato’, ascended the platform, and was greeted with hearty cheering. He briefly referred to the statements which had got aboard respecting the state of the vessel, and said the matter had been a source of considerable anxiety to him. This was the first time in his whole career as a shipmaster that he had ever met with an accident, or had been obliged to put back to port, but he hoped that by God’s help he should yet take them out in less than fifty days. At the close of the concert the artistes were very warmly thanked for their services, and (? ? ?) that in obedience to a general wish these services will do (? ? ?) the emigrants take their departure. We should also mention that for the purposes of the concert an excellent piano was lent by Mr. Sawday, of George Street.

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