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Concert at the Emigration Depot.

From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 18th August 1879

It will be remembered that on Wednesday evening a concert, arranged by Mrs. Watson, matron, and Mr. T. E. Hill, master of the Emigration Depot, - was given to the passengers of the ‘Pericles’, who are at present staying at the depot in consequence of the vessel having met with an accident off Falmouth. On Friday evening the emigrants were granted the use of the principal room of the depot for an evening’s amusement, and assisted by Capt. Largie and Mr. Taylor, 2nd officer of the ‘Pericles’, a concert was given; there being present the officers and crew of the ‘Pericles’, Mr. T. E. Hill, depot master, Mr. Great, of the Emigration Office, Mr. T. W. Hoppins, and the passengers. Dr. Neylan, the surgeon of the ‘Pericles’, were the Nedjidie of the 4th class, and the Turkish war medal, presented him by the Sultan in recognition of his services as principal surgeon of the staff sent out by the Stafford House Committee during the war. Capt. Largie made an excellent chairman, and the accompanists, Mrs. King and Miss E. Ware, were most successful. The names of those taking part in the concert are:- Mr. W. Lindsay, Mr. J. McMullan, Mr. Bowden, Mr. R. R. Penman, Mr. T. H. Dean, Mr. T. Houhlihan, Mr. J. C. Ward, Mr. R. Wilson, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Poolford, Mr. Fullarton, Mr. J. Dean, Mr. H. Pearce, Capt. J. Largie, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. McCush, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Riddell, Miss J. Airey, Miss Feehan, Miss Dixon, Miss Carringtons and Master Dixon. Votes of thanks at the close were unanimously given by the emigrants to Capt. Largie, and the officers of the ‘Pericles’, Mrs. Watson, Mr. T. E. Hill, and the pianists, a pleasant evening being brought to a close by the singing of the National Anthem.

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