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Emigration in the West.

From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 10th September 1875

With the conclusion of the ingathering of the harvest, emigrants are coming forward in large numbers for the Australian and New Zealand Colonies. During the year 1874, emigration received a check from which it has not yet altogether recovered. During the first six months of the present year applications for passages have not been nearly so numerous as they formerly were, but for the last two months these application have been largely on the increase. During the year 1874, there were only 241,014 persons sent away, which total shows a decrease of 69,598 as compared with 1873. Of the emigrants in 1874, the English numbered 116,490, the Scotch 20,286, the Irish 60,496, the foreigners 38,465, and the not distinguished 5,277. Of the grand total 148,161 went to the United States, 25,450 to the North American Colonies, 53,958 to Australasia, and 13,445 to other places. The number going to the Australian Colonies shows an increase of 21,580 as compared with the year 1873. It is evident from this fact, and also from the number of applications that are now constantly being made for passages, that the Australian and New Zealand Colonies has become the favourite places for emigrants. Encouraging reports are now constantly being received from them, and large inducements are offered to labourers and mechanics. The one complaint, however, still is, that clarks and shop-assistants, for whom there is no room in the Colonies, are being sent there. What is wanted is a class of men who can work in the true sense of the word, men who can till the land, and assist in building houses and creating towns. Those who go to the Colonies with the intention to work, and fulfil the intention, are sure to be successful.

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