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Selection of Plymouth as a Government Emigration Depot.

From ‘The Argus’- 12th August 1851

The Government has decided on making Deptford and Plymouth the emigration depots. The South-western Railway Company offered to convey emigrants and all their luggage from London to Southampton, and place the whole on board ship in Southampton docks at 6s per head, if Government would make Southampton the depot, and enable the emigrants to avoid the dangers and delay of that part of the Channel voyage between the Thames and the Isle of Wight. A deputation, consisting of Mr. Wilcox, M.P.., Sir Alexander Cockburn, Mr. Scott, M.P., the Mayor of Southampton, J. R. Stebbing, Esq., President of the Southampton Chamber of Commerce, had an interview with Mr. Hawes, the Colonial Under-Secretary, on Saturday, relative to the Government selection of the emigrants’ depots. The whole of the correspondence on the subject of the selection will be moved for in a few days in the House of Commons. It is calculated that the value of a depot to a town will average about £200,000 per annum. The emigration department if becoming of great magnitude. The fees of the Government Emigration Agent at Plymouth will, it is expected, amount very shortly to £2,000 a-year.

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