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Concert at the Emigration Depot.

From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 14th August 1879

Last evening a private concert was given at the Emigration Depot to the 500 passengers of the ‘Pericles’, by a number of ladies and gentlemen. Dr. Neylon. Surgeon of the ‘Pericles’, presided, the accompanist being Mr. W. E. Hoar. After an introductory piano duet by Miss Watson and Mr. Hoar. Mr. R. Popkiss, sang “Nancy Lee” followed by the reading of “Darby Doyle’s voyage to America” by Mr. W. H. K. Wright. The duet “Gipsy Countess” by Miss Cooper and Mr. T. E. Hill, was then given. Mr. A. P. Friend following with the song “Emancipation Day”, which was rendered capitally. Miss M. Burdwood, in the song “Twickenham Ferry”, came in for much applause, and Mr. W. E. Pearse’s reading of “Marrying into Society” was also well interpreted. The song “The Gipsy’s Warning,” by Miss K. Fone, was sweetly rendered, whilst Mr. H. Barons, by singing “Complaints,” gained deserved applause. Mr. J. Barker then sang “The Bedcain’s Love Song,” after which Miss Bardwood played a selection of “H.M.S.’Pinafore’” quadrilles. Mr. W. H. K. Wright gave, in his usual effective style “Jack’s Yarn,” being followed by Mr. W. E. Pearse with the recitation of the “Bashful Man,” which was given in a very humorous manner. Mr. T. E. Hill, in the song “Take it, Bob”, was encored and then sung amid much laughter “Grandfather’s Clock,” the audience heartily joining in the chorus. The rendering of the song “The merriest girl that’s out” by Mr. A. P. Friend, attired as a young lady, was capitol, and caused roars of laughter. “Marjorie’s Almanack” by Miss Burdwood: “Thy voice is near” by Mr. H. Barons: and “Sneezing” by Mr. J. W. Gard: a very pleasant evening was brought to a close, the intending emigrants declaring themselves greatly pleased with the entertainment kindly given them. There were present during the evening – Mrs. Watson, Mrs. W. H. K. Wright, Mrs. Fone, Captain Largio and several officers of the ‘Pericles’, and Mr. T. W. Hoppins.

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