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From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 27th March 1882

Sir. – I have just visited the different Agent-General of our Colonial Empire, and have ascertained the terms they will give assisted passages. Each colony has its distinctive attractions, and emigrants can therefore select the most advantageous for their personal qualifications. Grants of free lands or warrants are after consideration. My experience convinces me that the greatest benefactors are those who assist poor people to where work is adamant, and ample scope for their labours.

Canada (9, Victoria Street, Westminster Abbey, S.W.), being nearest, will always receive the greatest number (34,000 last year). The ocean passage of ten days is £5, and £4 for unmarried females. Railway fares up-country from Quebec must be paid by the immigrants. London to Toronto (3,300 miles), £7 • 10s, all included. That magnificent garden of agriculture – Manitoba – is reached for £11 or £12. The Dominion is now in a flourishing condition.

New South Wales (5, Westminster Chambers) greatly requires sturdy labourers and mechanics. This colony, being wealthy and prosperous, is acting most liberally, charging £5 only to Sydney; ship’s kit, and fare to Plymouth, given. They stand greatly in need of female emigrants over eighteen, forwarding quite free, and almost offering a bounty for such a class of persons. These very cheap terms for all parties ought to be embraced by many.

Queensland (1, Westminster Chambers) will gladly welcome farm labourers and domestic servants free, and others at the small sum of £4 ocean passage, £1 ship’s kit, 17s 6d rail (London to Plymouth). Last year 5,115 were assisted out.

The Cape of Good Hope (10, Blomfield Street, City, E.C.) has openings in the Cape Mounted Rifles. Emigrants selected by colonists, £3 • 12s • 6d. Artisans for Government Service, free.

Natal (21, Finsbury Circus, City, E.C.) provides free passages for certain classes, £5 for others (forwarded by mail steamers), and is disposed to assist out many, especially females. Her anxiety to people her vast territory is shewn by her being about to forward 300 to 400 Norwegians free, and providing them with huts, lands, etc., on easy repayments in ten years. A South African Christian Colony has assured 7,000 acres for colonization; for particulars, apply 116, Fleet Street, E.C.

Victoria assists none. Steerage £15, by steam to Melbourne in forty days. Tasmania, one of the loveliest and most healthy places in the world. Nominated by colonist, £15 for a whole family. Western Australia. Selected by inhabitants. New Zealand Settlers can nominate friends in Great Britain for £5. Female servants, free; few emigrants have proceeded there of late.

A good hive ought to send forth a strong swarm; and it is computed that each year about 250,000 leave our shores to seek their fortunes in our Colonies and elsewhere, while 75,000 land in England to make here their home.

Intended emigrants should write direct to the Agent-General, procure papers, fill them in, and return them.

Boards of Guardians can legally assist in clothing or passage.

I am starting for Canada and Manitoba on 29th June – hoping to visit some of the 4,000 already helped out since 1868 – and propose to travel 12,500 miles in sixteen weeks. I take out with me (if sympathising friends will assist) 100 penniless orphans and 100 emigrants, and as every one of these needs assisting, I would plead earnestly for subscriptions to aid these poor people. Sincerely praying this information may prove serviceable to intended emigrants, I remain, sir, your obedient servant.
A. Styleman Herring,
Chairman and Vicar,
St. Paul’s Clerkenwell, 45 Colebrooke Row, London, N.

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