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From ‘Illustrated London News’ - 26th December 1857

During the year 1856, as appears from a Parliamentary return recently issued, the number of seamen and boys flogged in her Majesty’s navy was 1397; the total number of lashes inflicted was 44,493; the highest number given to any culprit was 50, and the lowest 1. The greatest amount of flogging appears to have taken place on board the ‘Royal Albert’, in which ship twenty-one seamen received 900 lashes. Another Parliamentary return, with respect to corporal punishments in the army, contrasts favorably with the navy record of flogging. Out of 138 regiments and corps only 35 have been disgraced in this way. The total number of soldiers flogged in 1856 was 64, and the number of lashes inflicted was 2751.

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