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From ‘The Western Daily Mercury’- 10th August 1880

Before the days of chloroform there was a quack in San Francisco who advertised tooth-drawing without pain. The patient was placed in a chair, and the instrument applied to his tooth with a wrench, followed by a roar from the unpleasantly surprised sufferer. “Stop,” cried the dentist, “compose yourself. I told you I would give you no pain, but I only just gave you the twinge as a specimen, to show you Cartwright’s method of operating.” Again the instrument was applied – another tug, another roar. “Now, don’t be impatient; that is Dumerge’s way; be seated, and be calm; you will now be sensible of the superiority of my method.” Another application – another tug, another roar. “Pray be quiet; this is Parkinson’s mode, and you don’t like it; no wonder.” By this time the tooth hung by a thread, and whipping it out the operator excitingly exclaimed, “This is my mode of tooth-drawing without pain, and you are now enabled to compare it with the operations of Cartwright, Dumerge, and Parkinson.” - Echo

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