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Built by:Smith & Rodger, Govan.
Yard No.:41
Launched:4th April 1855
Length:239' 2"
Breadth:29' 3"
Depth:20' 2"
Machinery:200hp. 8 knots 2 cyl. Single Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer
Registered:1853 Glasgow - 1858 in London.
Official No.:3270.
Other info:Built for Lewis Potter & Co, Glasgow.
History:1855. Operated for Potter & Co., on the Mediteranean - Clyde service.
1857. Purchased from Potter & Co. Glasgow.
24th January 1858. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Corbett, for the west coast of Africa with a full general cargo and is crowded with passengers, having 37 in all. This is the first trip with this company.
12th March 1858. Sailed from Cameroons. She grounded in the Cameroons River on a mud-bank and was detained there for five days.
16th March 1858. Sailed from Bonny.
19th March 1858. Sailed from Lagos.
21st March 1858. Sailed from Accra.
22nd March 1858. Sailed from Cape Coast.
27th March 1858. Sailed from Monrovia.
1st April 1858. Sailed from Sierra Leone. Took on some of the passengers from the ‘Gambia’ which is under repair.
5th April 1858. Sailed from Gambia.
6th April 1858. Sailed from Goree.
12th April 1858. Sailed from Tenerife.
14th April 1858. Sailed from Madeira.
21st April 1858. Arrived at Plymouth from the west coast of Africa. She brings the passengers of the ‘Gambia’ which is undergoing repairs at Sierra Leone. She also had 6,000 ounces of golddust, £115 in specie, 69 pieces of ivory, four packages of ditto, 226 casks of palm oil, 483 bags of cochineal, 10 casks of wine, 14 cases of arrowroot, 12 cases of pepper, and nine packages of sundries.
1863. Engine breakdown entering Sierra Leone, continued voyage to U.K. on one engine.
1863. Passenger accommodation improved.
2nd December 1864. Sailed from Fernando Po. Trade was brisk, notwithstanding that smallpox still prevailed to a great extent among the native population.
4th December 1864. Sailed from Brass River.
6th December 1864. Sailed from New Calabar.
7th December 1864. Sailed from Benin and arrived and sailed from Bonny.
10th December 1864. Sailed from Lagos.
11th December 1864. Sailed from Accra.
14th December 1864. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
21st December 1864. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
25th December 1864. Sailed from Bathurst.
31st December 1864. Sailed from Teneriffe.
2nd January 1865. Sailed from Madeira.
10th January 1865. Arrived at Liverpool, Captain Leamon, with 27 passengers in the cabin, and 25 distressed seamen, being portions of the crew of the wrecked vessels ‘Laughing Water’. ‘Governor Elias’, and ‘Bagdad Packet’.
16th January 1865. William Grant, aged 42, while working on the ship, lying in Sandon graving dock, removing sheep pens which were between decks, fell through the bunker hole into the lower hold and sustained severe injury to his spine. He died four days later. It was stated that there were no lights between decks to allow the men to see to work.
25th January 1865. Wrecked in fog on Arklow Bank, Ireland; loss of 66 lives.
1st March 1865. Captain Leamon, has had his certificate suspended for nine months, because he neglected to continue the use of the lead until out of the channel of the Mersey.

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