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Built by:Randolph, Elder & Co., Govan.
Yard:Old Yard
Yard No.:23
Launched:9th February 1864
Length:260' 5"
Breadth:31' 4"
Depth:19' 2"
Machinery:Built by Randolp, Elder & Co. Compound steam. 250hp. 2x2 cly compound. Engine No. 46 Single screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steam - Cargo
Registered:11th May 1864 in London.
Official No.:49907
Other info:
History:24th January 1865. Sailed from Benin.
29th January 1865. Sailed from Fernando Po.
31st January 1865. Sailed from Cameroons.
2nd February 1865. Sailed from Old Calabar.
4th February 1865. Sailed from Brass River, and arrived and sailed from Nun then Bonny.
7th February 1865. Sailed from Lagos.
9th February 1865. Sailed from Accra.
11th February 1865. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
13th February 1865. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
19th February 1865. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
23rd February 1865. Sailed from Bathurst.
1st March 1865. Sailed from Teneriffe.
4th March 1865. Sailed from Madeira.
13th March 1865. Arrived at Liverpool.
25th March 1865. Sailed from Liverpool, Captain A. J. M. Croft, for the West Coast of Africa.
30th August 1865. Sailed from Cameroons.
31st August 1865. Sailed from Old Calabar.
5th September 1865. Sailed from Benin, arrived and sailed from Brass River, Nun and Bonny.
9th September 1865. Sailed from Lagos.
11th September 1865. Sailed from Accra.
13th September 1865. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
15th September 1865. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
20th September 1865. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
24th September 1865. Sailed from Bathurst.
30th September 1865. Sailed from Teneriffe.
3rd October 1865. Sailed from Madeira.
10th October 1865. Arrived at Liverpool, Captain Croft, with a large cargo, 2,568 ounces gold dust, and thirty-six passengers. Mr. Fidler, the purser, an estimable and kind hearted gentleman, died on the voyage home after a short illness of five days.
27th March 1866. Sailed from Benin.
1st April 1866. Sailed from Cameroons.
2nd April 1866. Sailed from Old Calabar.
3rd April 1866. Sailed from Fernando Po.
7th April 1966. Sailed from Brass River and arrived and sailed from Bonny.
10th April 1866. Sailed from Lagos.
12th April 1866. Sailed from Accra.
14th April 1866. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
16th April 1866. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
22nd April 1866. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
26th April 1866. Sailed from Bathurst.
2nd May 1866. Sailed from Teneriffe.
4th May 1866. Sailed from Madeira.
12th May 1866. Arrived at Liverpool with a full cargo and 2267 ounces of gold dust.
28th February 1867. Sailed from Old Calabar.
1st March 1867. Sailed from Fernando Po and Cameroons.
4th March 1867. Sailed from New Calabar and Bonny. At New Calabar trade very dull owing to hostilities having been resumed between the Ecricke and New Calabar tribes. An attack was made on the 19th February by the Ecricke on the New Calabar tribes, when seven of the latter were taken prisoners, and afterwards killed, roasted, and eaten by the Ecrickes.
5th March 1867. Sailed from Benin.
7th March 1867. Sailed from Lagos. Trade much improved but a strong sea and current on the bar prevented cargo from being sent to the steamer.
8th March 1867. Passed the ‘Athenian’ twenty miles eastward of Cape St. Paul before arriving at Seilah Coffee. Sailed from Seilah Coffee.
9th March 1867. Sailed from Accra.
10th March 1867. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
12th March 1867. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
14th March 1867. Sailed from Menrova.
17th March 1867. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
20th March 1867. Sailed from Bathurst.
26th March 1867. Sailed from Teneriffe.
28th March 1867. Sailed from Madeira.
4th April 1867. Arrived at Liverpool with 2,205 ounces of gold dust, 4,490 dollars, and 634 sovereigns in specie.
23rd July 1867. Sailed from Liverpool.
28th November 1867. Sailed from Old Calabar.
29th November 1867. Sailed from Cameroons.
30th November 1867. Sailed from Fernando Po.
2nd December 1867. Sailed from Benny and arrived and sailed from Key Brass.
3rd December 1867. Sailed from Benin.
5th December 1867. Sailed from Lagos.
6th December 1867. Sailed from Jellah Coffee.
7th December 1867. Sailed from Accra.
8th December 1867. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
11th December 1867. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
15th December 1867. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
19th December 1867. Sailed from Bathurst.
24th December 1867. Sailed from Teneriffe.
25th December 1867. Sailed from Madeira.
December 1867. Experienced heavy weather between Madeira and Liverpool.
3rd January 1868. Arrived at Liverpool.
17th October 1868. Arrived and sailed from Teneriffe for Africa.
1870. Run aground for seven days in Sherbro River, Sierra Leone, was assisted off by ‘Macgregor Laird’.
1873. Sold to Thos. Royden & Sons, Liverpool, (Shipbuilders) in part payment for the new ship ‘Ethiopia’.
1874. Sold to R. W. Hutchison, London.
1874. New boiler fitted.
1877. Sold to China and trace lost after 1886.

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