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Built by:John Laird
Yard No.:
Launched:23rd May 1853
Tonnage:1,339 tons
Length:243' 0"
Breadth:30' 6"
Depth:22' 6"
Machinery:Built by George Forrester & Co., and Fawcett, Preston, & Co. Liverpool. 120hp
Decks:She had a spar-deck.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamship
Registered:3rd September 1853 in London.
Official No.:14548
Other info:Launched by Miss Blackburne
History:24th September 1853. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Atkins, for the west coast of Africa.
1st October 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
9th October 1853. Sailed from Tenerife.
10th October 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
13th October 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
16th October 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
20th October 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
21st October 1853. Sailed from Accra.
22nd October 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
24th October 1853. Sailed from Bonny.
25th October 1853. Sailed from Old Calabar.
26th October 1853. Arrived at Fernando Po.
27th October 1853. Sailed from Fernando Po.
28th October 1853. Sailed from Cameroons.
31st October 1853. Sailed from Lagos. Picked up two distressed seamen returning to England.
3rd November 1853. Sailed from Accra.
4th November 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast.
7th November 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
9th November 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
15th November 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
16th November 1853. Sailed from Gore.
22nd November 1853. Sailed from Tenerife.
24th November 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
1st December 1853. Arrived at Plymouth with 1,600 ounces of gold dust; 21,000lbs. of cochineal; 344 puncheons of palm oil; 199 ivory teeth; 9,546 lbs. bees wax; 3,835 lbs. of arrowroot; one box of gold and silver specie; palm nuts, ginger, pepper, canwood, etc.
16th January 1854. Registered at Liverpool to John Laird & Co.
26th September 1854. The tonnage was unnecessarily large for the African line, is trading between Liverpool and North America.
1854. Sold to Canadian Steam Navigation Company. Made four round voyages Liverpool – Portland, Liverpool – Quebec – Montreal.
16th January 1854. Sailed from Liverpool for Portland with a large cargo and a fair number of passengers.
1854/5. Crimean War Transport.
1856. Sold to T. Rigge, Liverpool.
1859. Sold to Lineas de Vapores Correos Espanoles Transatlanticos, Cadiz, renamed ‘La Cubana.
1865. Sold to Robert Sloman, Hamburg, converted to sail and renamed ‘Palmerston’.
1894. Sold to A. Princeti, Genoa and renamed ‘Frederico’.
1899. Scrapped after storm damage.

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