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Built by:Smith & Rodgers, Govan.
Yard No.:20
Launched:3rd December 1850
Owned by:Glasgow Screw Steam Ship Company.
Chartered:28th February 1853
Length:171' 7"
Breadth:23' 9"
Depth:14' 4"
Machinery:100 hp. Built by Smith & Rodger. 2cyl. Single Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steam Ship - Cargo only
Registered:17th December 1851 in Limerick.
Official No.:437
Other info:
History:January 1851. Sailed between Glasgow and London for the builders, operating through a company named the Glasgow Screw Steam Ship Co.
22nd February 1851. Sold to J.& J. R. Russell, Belfast.
28th February 1853. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain George Groves. Charted by the African Steam Ship Company.
7th March 1853. Arrived at Madeira.
8th March 1853. Arrived at Tenerife.
13th March 1853. Arrived at Goree.
14th March 1853. Arrived at Bathurst.
17th March 1853. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
19th March 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
21st March 1853. Arrived at Monrovia.
24th March 1853. Arrived at Cape Coast, Castle.
26th March 1853. Arrived at Accra.
27th March 1853. Arrived at Whydah, Badagry.
28th March 1853. Arrived at Lagos.
29th March 1853. Arrived at Bonny.
1st April 1853. Arriver at Old Calaber.
2nd April 1853. Arrived at the Cameroons.
4th April 1853. Arrived at Fernando Po.
6th April 1853. Sailed from Fernando Po.
9th April 1853. Arrived at Lagos and Badagry.
10th April 1853. Arrived at Whydam.
11th April 1853. Arrived at Accra.
13th April 1853. Arrived at Cape Coast Castle.
17th April 1853. Arrived at Monrovia, Liberia.
21st April 1853. Arrived at Sierra Loone.
24th April 1853. Arrived at Bathurst.
25th April 1853. Arrived at Goree.
1st May 1853. Arrived at Tenerife.
3rd May 1853. Arrived at Madeira.
11th May 1853. Arrived at Plymouth. Her cargo consists of 130 casts of Palm-oil, 10 boxes gold, 6 cases and 25 tusks Ivory, 102 bags Pepper, 430 bags Ginger, 40 bags Cochineal, 14 cases and 16 casks Gum, 30 casks Pines, 40 boxes Lemons, 125 cases Arrow-root, 3 casks Wine, and 1,200 pieces Camwood. After landing her passengers and mails she was supplied with fuel and proceeded the same day for London.
February 1854. Sold to London & Limerick S.S. Co., Limerick.
14th February 1854. Registered in Hull for London & Limerick Steam Ship Co.
1865. Sold to John Wigham Richardson, Newcastle.
1865. Sold to J. Ringrose, Hull.
1875. Rebuilt to 519 g.t. New engine by C. D. Holmes & Co, and lengthened to 196'.
1895. Owner became Hull & Netherlands S.S. Co, Hull.
27th September 1900. Wrecked at Kallantsoog while in on passage from Hull to Harlingen.

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