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Built by:John Laird
Yard No.:88
Launched:July 1852
Length:161' 5"
Breadth:21' 11"
Depth:11' 5"
Machinery:Built by George Forrester & Co, and Fawcett, Preston, & Co, Liverpool. Compound. 50 hp.
Decks:3 Masts
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamship
Registered:18th December 1852 in London.
Official No.:
Other info:'Forerunner' was the first ship to be owned by the African Steam Ship Company. She was ordered together with 'Faith', 'Hope', 'Charity' and 'Northern Light'.
History:24th September 1852. Sailed from Plymouth.
30th September 1852. Arrived and sailed from Madeira.
1st October 1852. Arrived at Tenerife.
2nd October 1852. Sailed from Tenerife.
6th October 1852. Sailed from Goree.
8th October 1852. Sailed from Bathurst and arrived and sailed from Gambia.
12th October 1852. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
18th October 1852. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
1st November 1852. Passed the ‘Hellespont’, on charter to the company.
2nd November 1852. Sailed from Madeira.
4th November 1852. Hit by a gale, fore-rigging snapped across by the seizings, and away went the foremast, mainmast and the funnel.
8th November 1852. At Gibraltar for repairs.
December 1852. Sold to the company for £12,897.
3rd April 1853. Sailed from Tenerife for Goree.
2nd June 1853. Arrived at Plymouth, Captain James Batkins, from the west coast of Africa.
9th November 1853. Arrived at Sierra Leone, Captain Barnwell, from Plymouth.
25th June 1853. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Barnwell, for the west coast of Africa with £10,000 in specie for Tenerife and Lagos. Her cargo consists of rice, flour, and general merchandise, and a number of passengers.
25th October 1853. Sailed from Plymouth, Commander Barnwell.
1st November 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
4th November 1853. Sailed from Teneriffe.
8th November 1853. Sailed from Goree.
10th November 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
12th November 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
16th November 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
19th November 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast.
21st November 1853. Sailed from Accra.
22nd November 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
26th November 1853. Sailed from Fernando Po.
29th November 1853. Sailed from Cameroons.
2nd December 1853. Sailed from Old Calabar.
6th December 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
9th December 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast.
13th December 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
20th December 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
21st December 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
24th December 1853. Sailed from Goree.
29th December 1853. Sailed from Teneriffe.
1st January 1854. Sailed from Madeira.
8th January 1854. Arrived at Plymouth with the African Mails, plus a cargo which includes 115 casks of palm oil, 105 elephants’ tusks, 29 pieces of ebony, 7 tons of camwood, 2 packages of samples, 6 puncheons of seed, 2 boxes of specie, 1 case of hardwood, 163 packages of gum, and 2,220 ounces of golddust.
25th February 1854. Sailed from Plymouth with letters for the West Coast of Africa.
21st March 1854. Arrived at Fernando Po.
25th March 1854. Sailed from Frenando Po. Arrived at Cameroons and sailed the same day.
27th March 1854. Sailed from Old Calabar.
28th March 1854. Sailed from Bonny.
30th March 1854. Sailed from Lagos. Trade was perfectly quite.
3rd April 1854. Sailed from Accra.
4th April 1854. Sailed from Cape Coast.
8th April 1854. Sailed from Monrovia.
12th April 1854. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
16th April 1854. Sailed from Gambia, and arrived and sailed from Goree.
21st April 1854. Sailed from Teneriffe.
23rd April 1854. Sailed from Madeira.
3rd May 1854. Arrived at Plymouth with the mails from the west coast of Africa. Captain Barnwell. She brings on freight 2,000 ounces of gold dust, and a full cargo.
19th May 1854. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
9th June 1854. Arrived at Sierra Leone.
13th June 1854. Sailed from Sierra Leone for the coast.
30th June 1854. Sailed from Bonny.
2nd July 1854. Sailed from Lagos.
4th July 1854. Sailed from Accra.
5th July 1854. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
14th July 1854. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
18th July 1854. Sailed from Bathurst.
25th July 1854. Sailed from Tenerife.
3rd August 1854. Arrived at Plymouth.
24th August 1854. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Johnson, with a full cargo of British manufactured goods and passengers for the west coast of Africa.
25th October 1854. Wrecked at Lorenzo Point, Madeira with the loss of 14 lives.
19th November 1854. The Royal Mail Company’s steamship ‘Thames’ landed Captain Johnston, of the ‘Forerunner’ at Southampton.
29th November 1854. Mrs. Thos. Edwards, who was a widow after Thos. Edwards, a seaman who was lost on the ship had two young children to maintain, and became in a destitute condition and was given same money from the poor fund.

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