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Built by:Randolph, Elder & Co.
Yard No.:45
Launched:4th December 1865
Length:262' 2"
Breadth:32' 4"
Machinery:Engines by shipbuilder. Engine No. 68. 275 hp.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Passenger - Cargo
Official No.:54626
Other info:
History:24th August 1866. Sailed from Benin.
30th August 1866. Sailed from Cameroons.
1st September 1866. Sailed from Old Calabar.
2nd September 1866. Sailed from Fernando Po.
4th September 1866. Sailed from New Calabar and arrived and sailed from Bonay.
5th September 1866. Sailed from Brass River.
7th September 1866. Sailed from Lagos.
10th September 1866. Sailed from Accra.
11th September 1866. Sail from Cape Coast Castle.
13th September 1866. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
19th September 1866. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
23rd September 1866. Sailed from Bathurst.
29th September 1866. Sailed from Teneriffe.
2nd October 1866. Sailed from Madeira.
10th October 1866. Arrived at Liverpool with 21 passengers and a fair cargo.
29th March 1867. Sailed from Old Calabar.
31st March 1867. Sailed from Cameroons.
1st April 1867. Sailed from Fernando Po.
4th April 1867. Sailed from New Calabar and Bonny.
5th April 1867. Sailed from Benin.
7th April 1867. Sailed from Lagos.
8th April 1867. Sailed from Jellah Coffee.
9th April 1867. Sailed from Accra.
10th April 1867. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
12th April 1867. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
13th April 1867. Sailed from Monrovia.
17th April 1867. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
21st April 1867. Sailed from Bathurst.
26th April 1867. Sailed from Teneriffe.
28th April 1867. Sailed from Madeira.
4th May 1867. Arrived at Liverpool, Captain Carbitt, with the mails, a full cargo, 65 passengers, and a quantity of specie. Among the passengers was a young black prince, the eldest son of the King of Old Calabar, who has come to England for the purpose of being educated.
11th December 1867. Sailed from Sierra Leone for the Leeward ports.
13th October 1868. Arrived at Monrovia and sailed for the leeward ports.
27th April 1869. Sailed from Old Calabar.
28th April 1869. Sailed from Cameroons.
29th April 1869. Sailed from Fernando Po.
2nd May 1869. Sailed from Bonny.
3rd May 1869. Sailed from Benin.
5th May 1869. Sailed from Lagos.
6th May 1869. Sailed from Jellah Coffee.
7th May 1869. Sailed from Accra.
8th May 1869. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
10th May 1869. Sailed from Cape Palmas.
12th May 1869. Sailed from Monrovia.
15th May 1869. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
18th May 1869. Sailed from Bathurst.
23rd May 1869. Sailed from Teneriffe.
24th May 1869. Sailed from Madeira.
31st May 1869. Arrived at Liverpool, Captain Geo. Corbelt, with a very fair cargo, 1,386 ounces of gold dust, and £500 in specie, also 51 passengers.
1872. Sold to Atlas Steamship Co. Ltd, Liverpool.
1874. Lengthened and re-engined bt J. Taylor & Co, Birkenhead; 1638 tons.
1876. Re-named ‘Andes’.
1886/7. Registered in Jamaica.
1902. Sold to Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt AG, Hamburg.
1903. Sold to Dietrich Gortz, Hamburg. Renamed ‘Gortz’.
1908. Enrique Heilbut, Havana (reg Hamburg).
July 1909. Scrapped. Broken up at Genoa.

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