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Built by:Robert Napier & Sons, Govan.
Yard:Old Yard.
Yard No.:72
Length:208' 6"
Breadth:29' 0"
Depth:17' 0""
Machinery:200 hp. 2cyl. Single Screw.
Built of:
Type:Screw Steamer. Passenger cargo vessel.
Registered:19th February 1856 in London.
Official No.:
Other info:
History:2nd October 1856. Sailed from Fernando Po.
7th October 1856. Sailed from Lagos.
9th October 1856. Sailed from Accra.
11th October 1856. Sailed from Cape Coast.
14th October 1856. Sailed from Monrovia.
21st October 1856. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
24th October 1856. Sailed from Gambia.
25th October 1856. Sailed from Goree.
29th October 1856. Sailed from Tenerife.
31st October 1856. Sailed from Madeira.
7th November 1856. Arrived at Plymouth, Captain George Corbett, with the usual mails from the West Coast of Africa, with 2000 ounces of gold dust, 400 puncheons of palm oil, 263 packages of bees-wax, 38 packages of gum, 142 ivory tusks, 12 bales of cochineal, 120 boxes of fruit, 33 pipes of wine, 3 packages of monkey skins, and 22 packages of sundries, plus 15 passengers.
2nd January 1857. Arrived at Teneriffe.
4th January 1857. Sailed from Teneriffe for the coast.
15th January 1857. At Liberia were trade was dull.
30th January 1857. Sailed from Fernando Po. Captain Corbett.
3rd February 1857. Sailed from Bonny.
7th February 1857. Sailed from Lagos.
9th February 1857. Sailed from Accra.
11th February 1857. Sailed from Cape Coast.
15th February 1857. Sailed from Liberia.
20th February 1857. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
24th February 1857. Sailed from Bathurst.
25th February 1857. Sailed from Goree.
3rd March 1857. Sailed from Tenerife.
6th March 1857. Sailed from Madeira.
13th March 1857. Arrived at Plymouth with 1,500oz of gold, and her cargo includes 508 puncheons of Palm oil, 320 ivory tusks, 127 pieces of camwood, 200 bags of cochineal, and sundry packages of gum, skins, wine, etc., plus 16 passengers.
17th May 1857. Arrived at Sierra Leone, and took on 176 tons of fuel.
1st June 1857. Called at Goree.
11th June 1857. Called in at Christlanos for 10 tons of wood as she had fallen short of fuel. Sailed again and while at sea James Coxworthy, Assistant Commissary-General, aged 32, died of epilepsy.
12th June 1857. James Coxworth’s body was committed to the deep. That evening the vessel was wrecked near the Mole at Santa Cruz, due to running out of fuel and drifted into the shore. Her proper fuel station was at Santa Cruz, Teneriffe. All the passengers, crew, specie, mails, and the greater portion of the cargo was saved. The vessel was insured for £20,000.

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