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Built by:Denny & Rankine.
Yard No.:103
Launched:12th September 1854
Length:155' 0"
Breadth:21' 0"
Depth:13' 0"
Machinery:60 hp. 9 knots.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Single Screw Steamer - Cargo
Registered:2nd December 1854 in London.
Official No.:191
Other info:Laid down as 'Proserpine' and may have been launched as such but completed as 'Retriever'.
History:7th January 1855. Sailed from Plymouth for Africa.
28th December 1855. Sailed from Balaklava.
30th July 1856. Sailed from Fernando Po.
2nd August 1856. Sailed from Lagos. The surf prevented shipment of oil.
4th August 1856. Sailed from Accra. At Bonny there was an abundance of oil, but freight scarce. Trade was dull there, from the traders having been disappointed in getting their usual supply of goods from England.
6th August 1856. Sailed from Cape Coast Castle.
10th August 1856. Sailed from Liberia.
13th August 1856. Sailed from Sierra Leone, with the officers and part of the crews of the schooner ‘Teazer’ and the barque ‘Brisk’, wrecked at Grand Basso, on the coast, to return to England.
17th August 1856. Sailed from Bathurst.
18th August 1856. Sailed from Goree.
25th August 1856. Sailed from Tenerife.
27th August 1856. Sailed from Madeira. The fatal cholera cases had decreased to seven or eight cases per day, 5,000 have fallen victims in a population of 16,000. It was severe at Porto Santo, to which, at the request of the Governor, towed a schooner laden with medical stores there.
4th September 1856. Arrived at Plymouth, Captain M’Intosh, with the usual mails, a full general cargo, 2090 ounces of gold dust, and 16 passengers.
5th September 1856. Sailed from Plymouth for London to discharge her cargo and have a refit.
March 1857. Being too small for the mail service has been advantageously employed in the continental trade, from Liverpool to Hamburg.
6th May 1858. Arrived at Liverpool from Hamburg.
5th June 1861. At Liverpool and the company cannot get an account of her state yet, because she had not gone into dock to be fully examined, but the company expect she would require extensive repairs to fit her for the intercolonial service.
1866. Refitted as a collier.
28th November 1867. Taken by Randolph, Elder & Co (Shipbuilder) in part payment for new ship ‘Biafra’.
May 1868. Registered by R. Dawson, London.
1877. Scrapped.

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