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Built by:Denny Brothers.
Yard No.:3
Launched:5th December 1845
Owned by:Taylor & Scott of Dublin.
Chartered:22nd January 1854
Length:162' 4"
Breadth:20' 3"
Depth:13' 0"
Machinery:60 hp. Single Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Sreamer.
Official No.:16974
Other info:Later owned by Dublin & Liverpool Steam Packet Co.
History:5th May 1853. Sailed from Liverpool for Genoa and Leghorn.
12th May 1853. Arrived at Gibraltar after being aground on the coast near Cadiz, and was very leaky, and had, in consequence, commenced discharging her cargo preparatory to repairs.
1st July 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
7th July 1853. Sailed from Goree.
9th July 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
13th July 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
15th July 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
18th July 1853. Sailed from Caoe Coast.
21st July 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
27th July 1853. Sailed from Fernando Po.
28th July 1853. Sailed from Cameroon.
30th July 1853. Sailed from Calabar.
1st August 1853. Sailed from Bonny.
4th August 1853. Sailed from Lagos.
7th August 1853. Sailed from Cape Coast.
11th August 1853. Sailed from Liberia.
16th August 1853. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
19th August 1853. Sailed from Goree.
26th August 1853. Sailed from Teneriffe.
28th August 1853. Sailed from Madeira.
9th September 1853. Arrived at Plymouth with a cargo of palm-oil, india-rubber, gold, cotton, gum, arrow-root, pepper, coffee, beans, seeds, camwood, pimento, fruit, plants, cochineal, wax, tortoiseshell, yams, farina. Captain Burnwell.
2nd October 1853. Arrived at the bar of the river Douro, from Liverpool, but owing to the sanitary regulations, was kept outside with her passengers on board.
6th October 1853. Sailed from Cameroons.
8th October 1853. Allowed to enter the river Douro and has been kept lying down the river incommunicable with no sign of being relieved.
25th October 1853. Sailed from Bathurst.
9th August 1853. At Lagos.
1854. The Admiralty has granted the company to employ the ‘Waterwitch’ to carry the mails until new vessels are completed.
20th January 1854. At the Custom-House, cleared out with cargo, for Africa.
22nd January 1854. Passed Gravesend for the West Coast of Africa.
26th January 1854. Sailed at 3 a.m. from Plymouth, Captain Hamilton, with the mails for Madeira and the Coast of Africa. Chartered by the African Steam Ship Company.
14th February 1854. At Bathurst.
1st April 1854. Sailed from Sierra Leone.
7th April 1854. Sailed from Goree.
25th April 1854. Sailed from Bathurst.
5th May 1854. In England, nothing has been heard of the vessel, due April 6th.
7th May 1854. Sailed from Tenerife.
13th May 1854. Sailed from Madeira.
28th May 1854. Sailed from Oporto. After leaving Madeira she encountered strong head winds, and was compelled to put into Oporto for coal and to repair her boilers, which were very leaky.
29th May 1854. Off Cape Finisterre.
2nd June 1854. Arrived at Plymouth with the mails from the coast of Africa. Her boilers are defective, still very leaky, and she broke down several times on her voyage. She brings a cargo of palm oil, camwood, pepper, ginger, ivory, and a small quantity of gold dust. She has only seven passengers. She will have to undergo repairs to her machinery at this port before she can proceed to London.
9th June 1854. Arrived at Gravesend from Plymouth.
13th August 1854. Sailed from London for Mogador.
1861. Foundered.

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