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Cape of Good Hope

Built by:C. J. Mare & Co. of Blackwall
Yard No.
Launched:16th November 1853
Tonnage:420 15/94
Length:191 5/10 feet
Breadth:26 3/10 feet
Depth:15 3/10 feet
Built of:Iron.
Type:Schooner rig with three masts.
Registered:No.119 on 1st March 1854 in London.
Other info:Certificate granted 17th February 1854.
Crew 36
Sister ship to the 'Natal'.
Built for the Natal service.
Official No. 13846.
History:10th March 1854. Sailed from London Docks for Constantinople, taking out a large cargo and a number of passengers, plus 120 officers and men for Malta.
20th June 1854. Due to sail to Table Bay. Captain H.B. Benson.
7th July 1854. Due to sail from Southampton for the Cape.
13th July 1854. Sailed from Southampton for the Cape of Good Hope. Captain Benson. Twenty passengers. She will relieve the 'Sir Robert Peel' on the service between Graham's-town, Port Natal, and New London.
11th September 1854. Sailed from Cape Town.
29th September 1854. Arrived at Natal. Delayed by heavy weather.
7th October 1854. Sailed from Natal.
15th October 1854. Arrived at Cape Town.
25th October 1854. Sailed from Cape Town.
5th November 1854. Arrived at Natal.
13th November 1854. Sailed from Natal.
20th November 1854. Arrived at Cape Town.
29th November 1854. Sailed from Cape Town.
5th December 1854. Sailed from Table Bay for Port Natal.
9th December 1854. Arrived at Natal. She touched the ground on her passage up a few miles below the Buffalo, and as she makes a little water, it has been deemed to have her laid on the bank and examined. Had cargo discharged.
10th December 1854. Laid up on the bank.
December 1854. Delayed sailing for a month by repairs.
3rd January 1855. Sailed from Natal.
January 1855. Delayed in Algoa Bay.
7th February 1855. Arrived at Cape Town.
17th February 1855. Sailed from Cape Town for Southampton putting an end to the General Screw Steam Ship Company’s presence on the South African coast.
20th March 1855. Due to arrive at Southampton.
29th April 1855. Arrived at Southampton, Captain P. Lowen from the Cape of Good Hope. She had twenty-five passengers, a full cargo of wool, about seventy tons of copper ore, and a variety if other things.
11th May 1855. In Southampton dry dock undergoing a thorough overhaul, previous to her engagement for Government transport service. Captain P. Lowen.
23rd May 1855. Sailed from Southampton, Captain Pryce (late chief officer of the ‘Croesus’), for Deptford to embark military stores for the use of the British army in the East.
21st June 1855. Put into St. Vincent, on route for Cape Town. for want of fuel, and her mails were transferred to the ‘Enterprise’.
24th September 1855. Arrived at Malta from the Dardanelles and Smyrna with 59 invalids for England.
20th November 1855. Steam transport ? 229 arrived at Malta with a cargo of rum, from Deptford.
1855. Troopship for the Indian Mutiny.
3rd January 1856. Arrived at Malta from Constantinople.
12th January 1856. Arrived at Gibraltar from Malta.
13th January 1856. After coaling, sailed from Gibraltar.
28th February 1856. Spoke with the ‘Jason’ steering Westward.
25th April 1856. Arrived at Gravesend from Gibraltar.
22nd May 1856. Arrived at Malta from Deptford.
23rd May 1856. Sailed from Malta for Constantinople.
9th June 1856. Arrived at Malta from Constantinople.
10th June 1856. Sailed from Malta for England.
17th June 1856. Sailed from Gibraltar, and since leaving Cape St. Vincent she experienced strong gales from the north-east and west, which made it necessary to put the ship under canvass along to save the coals.
30th June 1856. Arrived at Spithead, steam transport ? 229, from Scutari, with passengers and a cargo of sundry domestics, and 300 tons of preserved meat.
1856. Purchased by the Burmah Steam Navigation Company Limited.
17th November 1856. Maiden voyage with B.S.N.Co.
March 1859. Sunk in a collision with the ‘Nemesis’ in the mouth of the River Hooghly.

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