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A dismasted hulk lying off the Laira Embankment, Plymouth, is a fishing ketch of 49•97 tons, 67•3 ft long with a beam of 18•2 ft. She had a draught of 8•65 ft and was built by R. Jackman Ltd of Brixham in 1906. She was registered in Brixham (122885) of 23•01 tons. Her Brixham number was BM 128.
She was owned by Mr. Richard Couch Elliott, of New Road, Brixham, for ten years before she was transferred to the Plymouth registion and it was here that she had a variety of owners.
1. 24th March 1916. Mr. Charles Frederick Drake (Fisherman) of 18 Callington Road. He mortgaged her for £425 to Mr. John Thomas Walk of 5 Sussex Place.
2. 30th January 1920. Mr. Frank William Hutchings (Fishmonger) of Mayfair, Aulton Broad, Suffolk had ½ share with Mr. Arthur William Harvey (Fishing Boat Owner) of Lamorna, Kessingland, Suffolk. They transferred the registion to Lowestoft.
3. 31st July 1925. Mr. Charles Frederick Drake (Smack Owner) of 33 Cecil Street, Plymouth, brought her back. Registion returned to Plymouth. He mortgaged her to the Plymouth Fish Selling Co., for £250 on 12th August 1925.
4. The Plymouth Fish Selling Co., sold the ‘Antelope’ to
5. Mr. John Frederick Taylor (Master Mariner) of 46 New Street, and he mortgaged her to the Plymouth Fish Selling Co.
6. 14th November 1934. Mr. Thomas Charles Turner (Iron Merchant) of 12 South View Terrace.
7. 20th September 1935. Mr. John Bruce Kellock (Independent) of 7 Victoria Sq, Truro.
8. 16th November 1936. Horizon Hunters Ltd. River Side, Newton Abbot. A mouth later on the 17th September, Horizon Hunters Ltd, had a motor fitted to her. The motor was built in 1926 by The Gas Plant of New York, U.S.A. It was a 4-cylinder motor; each cylinder was 5” with a stroke of 7”. 40 h.p. and a top speed of 4½ knots.
9. 1st July 1938. Mr. John Bruce Kellock (Hotel Proprietor) of Oslo Court, Prince Albert Road, London. Then he moved to Tree Lands, Warlington, Surrey. Then in March 1946, Newhen Lodge, Gloucester.
10. 11th May 1946. Mr. Donald Harry Taylor (Sheet Metal Worker) of 19 Normandy Way, Worthing.
11. 29th July 1946. Mr. William Arthur Rushby (Engineer) of 35 Celtingham Chase, Ruslip, Middlesex.
12. 3rd December 1946. Mr. David Edmond Harrison (Master Mariner) of Edgcombe Arms Hotel, Cremyll. He moved to Tilridge, Abington Common, Dorking. Mr. Harrison had the ‘Antelope’ converted to a houseboat on the 28th November 1952.
The picture below was taken in 2009.

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