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Built by:Money & H. L. Wigram & Ditchburn & Mare, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:24th October 1846
Machinery:250 horse power
Built of:Iron
Type:Paddle Sloop
Off Number:
Built for:H.M. Government
Other info:Armament - 4 guns
History:January 1846. Half built by Wigram’ Yard, and the other half built by Ditchburn & Mare.
9th January 1847. To be sent to Chatham as soon as completed, to be fitted for sea.
23rd January 1847. Having her machinery fitted.
10th September 1847. Members of the Board of Admiralty went on board for inspection at Woolwich, in order to have some experiments tried on her machinery.
28th January 1848. Taken to Woolwich by the ‘Fearless’ and ‘Charon’.
28th January 1848. Arrived at Woolwich from Chatham
21st March 1848. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Charles James Price Glinn, Mediterranean station.
14th June 1848. Arrived at Malta.
16th June 1848. Sailed from Malta for Naples.
28th April 1848. Sailed from Devonport, Lieut. Commander Glinn, for Lisbon and Malta.
24th May 1852. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Henry Lloyd, Mediterranean station.
17th October 1854. First bombardment of Sebastopol.
26th December 1854. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Archibald Douglas William Fletcher, Mediterranean and Black Sea Station during the Russian War.
23rd September 1856. Paying off at Woolwich.
14th October 1857. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Robert Heron Burton, West coast of Africa station.
24th November 1857. Departed England for anti-slavery duties on the West Coast of Africa.
8th February 1858. Off Tachin, boarded the Spanish brig ‘Don Juan’ in accordance with the appropriate Treaty for the suppression of the Slave Trade.
18th February 1858. Off Aghwey, 4.40 a.m. observed a suspicious vessel standing out from the land. 6.16 a.m. stopped and boarded the American schooner ‘Hanover’ of New York.
8th March 1858. Off Adaffie, boarded the American schooner ‘Hanover’.
17th March 1858. Cruising off Adaffie.
18th March 1858. Ashore at Adaffie enquiring about slaves for the schooner ‘Hanover’, supposed to be lurking in the offing. Remained in search of the human cargo that the ‘Hanover’ hoped to slip in and embark, in order that the ‘Triton’ would be ready for her.
18th July 1858. At Whydah.
4th February 1859. When at anchor off Killongo observed a vessel in the offing: following a chase of four was detained the slave brigantine, supposed ‘George Louhse’, and being without flag or papers she was sent for adjudication at St. Helena.
7th March 1859. The ‘George Louhes’ sentenced to be condemned.
20th April 1859. Was in the River Congo when the USS ‘Marion’ arrived.
21st April 1859. Seized the American slave barque ‘Orion’ with all the crew, which was sent to New York for Adjudication.
3rd May 1859. Departed anchorage off Snake’s Head.
4th May 1859. Detained the slave schooner supposed ‘Regla’ which was sent for adjudication at St. Helena.
5th May 1859. Arrived at Loanda with the slave schooner ‘Regla’ in tow, en route for St. Helena.
10th May 1859. Sailed from Loanda.
31st May 1859. The ‘Regla’ was sentenced to be condemned.
2nd July 1859. Left the company of HMS ‘Conflict’ off the Congo, and spoke to HMS ‘Pluto’ off Shark’s Point and anchored and supplied her with provisions.
4th July 1859. Detained a slave schooner which was sent for adjudication at St. Helena and sentenced to be condemned.
10th July 1859. At Shark’s Point, near the mouth of the River Congo.
30th July 1859. Boarded the American barque ‘Ottawa’ to confirm her identity.
1st August 1859. Departed Juma Bay and anchored at noon with the American vessel ‘Memphis’ to seaward.
2nd August 1859. Weighed anchor and was overtaken by the ‘Ottawa’ running to the northward.
8th August 1859. Anchored near Point Padrone. Having received information from the ship’s boats that the suspected American slave vessels ‘Ottawa’ and ‘Lillie Mills’ had gone up the River Congo to Punta da Lenha, sailed in pursuit to anchor in company with them.
10th August 1859. Went on board the ‘Lillie Mills’ to inspect her papers.
11th August 1859. Followed the ‘Ottawa’ down river, which being so closely watched left the river for the sea and thence to the southward, and was suspected of seeking a slave cargo elsewhere, such as Ambrizette or Moanda.
17th August 1859. Detained off Bahia Fonda, a few miles to the north of Ambriz after a chase of over three hours the slave schooner ‘Juana’, and without papers or flag, her crew having deserted, the master and second mate sent to St. Helena for adjudication.
11th September 1859. Boarded the American ship ‘Emily’, which had been acting suspiciously by anchoring the previous evening in Bahia Fonda Bay, only normally used by vessels involved in the slave trade, however her papers being in order she was allowed to go about her business.
15th September 1859. The ‘Juana’ sentenced to be condemned.
8th October 1860. Prize money paid out for the ‘George Louhes’ and the ‘Regla’.
13th October 1859. Boarded the American brig ‘Taverier’.
22nd December 1859. With the ‘Viper’ chased a slave brig ‘Dos Hermanos’, but lost her.
24th December 1859. Chased and detained the ‘Dos Hermanos’ as she was preparing to embark her human cargo. She was sent for adjudication at St. Helena.
9/10th January 1860. Detained a slave barque ‘Pamphylia’ with 6 to 700 slave on board, 200 youngsters, for their own safety, removed to the ‘Triton’. The ‘Pamphylia’ was sent to St. Helena for adjudication.
23rd January 1860. The ‘Dos Hermamos’ was sentenced to be condemned.
13th February 1860. The ‘Pamphylia’ was sentenced to be condemned.
13th April 1860. Detained a slave ship ‘Roanoke’, which was sent for adjudication to Sierra Leone.
25th April 1860. The ‘Roanoke’ was sentenced to be condemned.
7th January 1861. Returned to England.
19th January 1861. Paying off at Woolwich.
13th January 1863. Commanded by Lieutenant commander Edward Francis Kerby, South-East coast of America station.
23rd January 1863. Commissioned.
1864. On the South East Coast of America. Reported fever onboard.
16th February 1864. Paid off.
1870. Devonport.
1872. Decommissioned and sold.

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