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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:5th January 1852
Tonnage:1,679 42/94
Length:197 feet
Breadth:43 feet
Depth:26.6 feet
Machinery:300nhp by Penn & Son.
Built of:Wood
Off Number:
Built for:Peruvian Government.
Other info:Armament = 32 x 32pdrs - 1 pivot gun - 1 x 30pdr on upper deck.
Cost to build 65,000.
History:Built on the model of H.M.S. 'Tribune', corvette.
Authorized by decree of 7th Nov 1850 - Ordered 15th April 1851.
1857/8 Sent across the Pacific to China (Hong Kong) to have her hull repaired. Could not be repaired there because of 2nd Opium War; sent on to Calcutta; no repairs; on to London (via the Cape) and repaired by Money Wigram - the repairs work lasted 139 days.
16/28th March 1858. At Plymouth.
7th March 1858. Back in Rio de Janeiro, Peru in after circum-navigating the earth. At blockade of Guayapiel (Eucador) with rest of Peruvian fleet(1858/9).
1860 New boiler.
15th January 1866. Went aground on Abtao Point in Abtao Channel (Chilian coast). The allied Peruvian and Chilian squadrons were at Abtao, were they engaged two Spanish screw frigates. After 'Amazonas' stranded her guns were removed and used to arm two batteries, one on each side of the entrance of Abtao Channel.

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