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Built by:Money & H. L. Wigram, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:1st March 1849
Length:57 . 8m
Breadth:9 . 5m
Depth:4 . 2m
Machinery:Penn, London. 350 nhp
Built of:Wood
Off Number:
Built for:Spanish Navy
Other info:Armament - 2 x 200 m/m SB + 2 x 160 m/m SB.
New Armament in 1874. 2 x 160 m/m MLR + 2 x 160 m/m SB.
History:1848/9 Italian Expedition.
1850/4 On the Cuba Station.
1854/9 On the State Transatlantic Service between Spain and Cuba.
1859/60 First Moroccan War, in action (1860) against attempted Carlit insurrection.
1860 Second Italian Expedition.
1863/6 On the Cuba Station, suppression of an uprising in Puerto Rico, Mexican Expedition and Dominican Expedition.
1866/7 On the Rio de la Plate Station.
1873/4 In Government Squadron during Cantonalist Insurrection, took part in action off Portman (11th October 1873).
1874/5 Second Carlist War and flagship of the Naval Forces of the North.
26th May 1875. Off Motrico, Rear-Adm. Sanchez Barcaiztegui, C.O. of these forces, was killed by a Carlist shell on 'Colon's quarter deck.
1882 Out of service.

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