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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:7th January 1867 - Laid down to build = 3rd March 1865.
Tonnage:4,173 BM - 6,211 tons displacement
Length:360 feet.
Breadth:49 feet.
Depth:18 feet
Machinery:Humphrys & Tennent of Deptford Pier. 700 hp. 9 knots. 4040 ihp.
Built of:Iron
Type:Screw troopship.
Off Number:
Built for:H.M. Government
Other info:Armament - 2 x 40 pdr. 2 x 20 pdr. 1 x 24 pdr Ho.
Tender accepted for £189,441 • 10s.
History:November 1866. Commanded by Captain George Willes Watson.
31st January 1867. Four 40-pounder naval guns, slides, carriages, and appurtenances were dispatched from Woolwich Arsenal to Messrs. Wigram’s establishment at Blackwall, to form the armament which are now fitting for service.
22nd December 1868. Arrived at Malta, from Alexandria.
23rd December 1868. Left Malta for Portsmouth.
4th January 1869. Arrived at Spithead with troops from Alexandria.
13th March 1869. Left Alexandria for Portsmouth.
8th April 1870. Commanded by Captain George Henry Parkin.
20th April 1874. At Portsmouth.
May 1869. Took out to Canada dockyardsmen and their families.
18th December 1874. Left Bombay for Galle.
2nd June 1875. Commanded by Captain Philip Ruffle Sharpe.
11th September 1876. Made a full boiler trial of her machinery.
17th September 1876. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Sharpe, for Bombay calling at Queenstown where she will embark the 1st Battalion of the 12th Regiment.
10th June 1878. Commanded by Captain Frederick Proby Doughty.
30th September 1880. Undergone a complete repair and refit by the Dockyard, Portsmouth. Fitted with new engines by Messrs. Humphrys, Tennant and Sons.
31st September 1880. Went on a six hour trial of her machinery between the Solent and St. Catherine’s Point.
11th May 1894. Sold and broken up.

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