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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.41
Launched:15th July 1854
Tonnage:1,506 44/94 displacement - 1,600 tons max.
Length:60 . 40m keel. 68 . 40 overall.
Breadth:10 . 16m (hull without wheel box).
Depth:4 . 26m - 4 . 36 max.
Machinery:By J. Seaward & J. Capel in 1851/4. Canal Iron Works. Popular. Four cyl. Paddle wheels dia 7 50m. Coal = 300 tons. Four trunk boiler with each three fire reluctantly, working presure 1.4atu. Standard second cylinder low pressure machine.
Built of:
Type:Paddle-wheel steamer.
Registered:At Triest.
Off Number:
Built for:Dr. August Angerer in Vienna & George & William Burrell in Glasgow. (Austrian Government).
Other info:Cost £48,000.
Guns from the 'Navarre'.
History:18th September 1850. Keel laid down.
26th May 1854. Purchase approval.
14th September 1854. Arrived at Triest.
16th September 1854. Captain Wissiak.
December 1854. Under the disposal of the Archduke of Brabant.
October 1855. At Constantinople.
November 1856. At Venice.
1858. Stationed at Topla.
December 1858. At Llozd shipyard to have replaced several ribs and 12 outside planks.
30th December 1858. Put to sea.
1859. Had boiler repaired.
3rd December 1859. At Gibraltar.
6th December 1859. Anchored at Funchal due to storms.
8th December 1859. Sails for a five day cruise.
14th December 1859. Anchored again at Funchal, due to storms.
15th December 1859. Sails for Tenerife, but driven back.
17th December 1859. Arrived back at Madeira.
20th December 1859. Had repairs done after the storm damage, then, sailed for Tenerife.
25th December 1859. Sailed for Brazil.
11th January 1860. At Bahia.
27th January 1860. At Rio de Janeiro. Three sailors desert ship.
11th February 1860. At Bahia. The three sailors were brought back to ship.
15th February 1860. In the roadstead of Pernambuco.
17th February 1860. Sailed for Triest.
27th February 1860. Arrived at St. Vincent.
5th March 1860. Arrived at Madeira.
25th March 1860. At Gravosa.
29th March 1860. Anchored at Triest.
25th October 1861. At Eskadre.
October 1862. Had new boilers at Eskadre.
19th May 1866. In the roadstead of Fasana.
27th June 1866. Had a short fire – skirmish with the Italian scout ship ‘Esploratore’.
20th July 1866. Had a skirmish with the ‘Lissa’ and was hit four times in the main part of the ship, plus one in a steam-pipe, and two in the rigging. One man died and two with wounds.
14th October 1866. At Triest.
27th October 1866. Sailed for Mexico.
28th December 1866. At Sacrificio.
29th June 1867. Anchored in the Mississippi.
7th July 1867. Returned to Sacrificio (Vera Cruz). Under quarantine.
15th August 1867. At Mississippi and takes on board 18 officers and 270 men of the Mexican legion.
4th September 1867. Hands over the men in New Orleans and takes onboard a French sailor to take home.
21st September 1867. At quarantine at New York after three men died of yellow-fever while at Havana.
9th January 1869. At Pola for repair work.
30th October 1869. Sailed from New York.
6th November 1869. At Havana.
26th November 1869. At Gibraltar.
6th October 1869. Orders for Orient trip.
23rd October 1869. At Constantinople.
27th October 1869. At Varna.
28th October 1869. At Constantinople.
3rd November 1869. At Athens.
7th November 1869. Anchored in the roadstead of Jaffa.
8th November 1869. At Beirut.
13th November 1869. At Jaffa due to blustery winds in which several sailors are injured, anchor cable breaks and gets lost with chain and anchor.
14th November 1869. Sailed from Jaffa.
16th November 1869. Anchored off Port Said.
19th November 1869. Passed through the canal.
23rd November 1869. Returned trip through the canal.
25th November 1869. At Alexandria.
2nd December 1869. Anchored at Triest.
5th December 1869. Sailed from Triest.
7th December 1869. Back at Triest.
9th December 1869. At Pola.
2nd January 1870. In dock.
14th September 1874. At Triest.
27th September 1874. Sailed from Cuttaro.
13th October 1874. At Triest.
14th October 1874. At Pola.
1876. Three months of repairs.
February 1879. More repairs.
1880. Needs a lot of repairs, might be made into a torpedo warehouse ship.
16th August 1882. Definitely determined to be a torpedo warehouse ship.
28th July 1883. Rebuilding works begin.
28th May 1884. Trails with six torpedo boats.
1892. Annual practice trips with torpedo boats then disarmed.
1898. Used as a hulk.
1899. Renamed ‘Empress Elisabeth’. At Lussin.
1920. At Italy.

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