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Built by:Wigram's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.232
Launched:27th July 1837
Depth:7' 7"
Built of:Oak and Pitch Pine
Off Number:
Built for:Money & H. L. Wigram.
Other info:Specially designed for the Australian trade.
History:21st September 1837. Cleared at the Custom House outward with cargo for Hobart, Captain W. N. Howard.
17th July 1838. Arrived at the Custom House, London, from Hobart.
2nd September 1839. Sailed from Gravesend for Hobart.
9th December 1840. Sailed from Hobart for London.
16th February 1841. Sailed from Rio for London.
19th April 1841. Arrived at the Downs from Hobart.
21st April 1841. Arrived at the Custom House from the Downs.
15th May 1842. Sailed from Launceston, Hobart, with Indian 16th troops for Lombock.
6th September 1842. Spoken to in lat. 48. Long 40. from Hobart to London.
16th April 1844. Spoken to in lat. 3N., Long. 38 W. from China to London.
18th December 1846. Sailed from the Custom House, London, for Bombay.
13th March 1851. Arrived at Hobart, from London, with passengers, including 15 Native Infantry of the Bengal Army. Captain Smith.
1852. Had some repairs done.
1857. Had some repairs done.
Sold to E. Robertís.

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