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Built by:Money & H. L. Wigram, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:5th April 1848
Tonnage:471 BM
Length:126 feet
Breadth:28 1/2 feet
Depth:20 feet (Depth of hold)
Built of:Wood
Type:Survey sloop
Off Number:
Built for:H. M. Government.
Other info:Cost £24,545
Laid down as a merchant vessel.
History:31st January 1848. Commanded by Captain James Clark Ross, particular service, in search of Sir John Franklin.
20th December 1848. Discovery Ship. Particular Service.
14th December 1849. Commanded by Captain Richard Collinson, particular service, in search of Sir John Franklin.
25th June 1850. Arrived at Honolulu.
30th June 1850. Sailed from Honolulu for the North in search of Sir John Franklin’s missing expedition.
20th April 1851. It is reported at Portsmouth that the vessel had arrived at Hong Kong from the Sandwich Isles.
30th August 1851. Arctic Exploration.
17th April 1855. Captain Collinson, CB, to be paid off at Woolwich – possibility of courts martial – ship shut up in ice for three years and away for five years.
24th May 1855. Paying off at Chatham.
1860. Coal hulk. Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.
1870. Coal Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.
1879. Coal Depot for Northern Lighthouse at Oban.
1890. Lent to the Board of Trade.
15th September 1903. Sold.

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