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Built by:Wigram's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.237
Launched:28th February 1839
Depth:10' 3"
Built of:
Off Number:
Built for:Money & H. L. Wigram
Other info:Crew of 43 - Passengers 99
History:16th April 1839. Sailed from Gravesend for Madras.
16th April 1839. Arrived at Deal and remained before sailing for Madras.
20th April 1841. Spoken to ‘Seringapatam’ at lat. 3.46 S., long. 16.40 W. While sailing Bengal to London.
8th May 1841. Arrived at the Custom House, Gravesend, from Calcutta. D. M’Leod.
15th June 1841. Due to sail from Gravesend for Madras and Calcutta. D. M’Load, Commander.
22nd June 1841. Arrived at Gravesend.
24th June 1841. Arrived from the river at Deal and sailed for Madras.
29th June 1841. Weighed anchor from Portsmouth, Commander D. M'Cleod, for Madras and Calcutta.
29th September 1841. Anchor at Madras.
3rd September 1842. Sailed from Plymouth, Captain Oakley, for New Zealand.
23rd January 1843. Arrived at New Zealand.
1843. Trading from London to India.
5th January 1846. Passed Gravesend from Calcutta.
1846. Fitted with Andrew Smith’s Patent Copper Wire Rope Lightning Conductor which cost the company £12.12s.
14th September 1847. Sailed from Calcutta.
9th October 1847. Sailed from Madras.
5th November 1847. Sailed from the Cape.
17th December 1847. Sailed from St. Helena.
3rd February 1848. Off Brighton.
2nd March 1851. Sailed from Portsmouth, Captain Pixley, for Madras and Calcutta.
9th December 1853. Sailed from London for Melbourne.
12th March 1854. Arrived at Melbourne.
1854. Restored.
7th December 1854. Sailed for Port Philip, Captain John Bohun Martin.
4th November 1855. Due to sail from Gravesend for Madras and Calcutta.
14th August 1862. Sold to Charles, Clifford and Robert Wigram.
20th June 1866. Arrived at Plymouth with troops from Calcutta.
1st July 1868. Off Salcombe.
19th August 1869. Passed Deal for Calcutta.
4th January 1878. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope from Calcutta.
1880. Disposed of.

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