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Built by:Raylton, Dixon & Co., Middlesbrough. at Cleveland Dockyard
Yard No.194
Launched:4th April 1882
Tonnage:2,564gt - 1,675nett
Machinery:Comp. inv. 250hp. 11 knots. By T. Richardson & Son.
Decks:3 Decks - Iron main deck and upper laid with teak. Poop aft for the captain and officers, accommodation bridge amidships.
Built of:Iron
Type:Barque rig auxiliay screw.
Registered:Middlesbourgh 1882.
Off Number:82758
Built for:Money Wigram & Son's Ltd.
Other info:Primarily a cargo vessel but provided with accommodation for a limited number of saloon passengers.
Launched by Miss Edith Cochrane.
History:29th June 1882. Run sea trails from Middlesbrough. After a successful run to the north, she landed some of her passengers, and proceeded to London, where she loaded for Australia. The ‘Essex’ will be commanded by Captain Ticehurst.
24th July 1882. Sailed from London for Melbourne.
8th August 1883. Passed Malta for Sydney.
25th September 1882. Arrived at Melbourne.
9th December 1883. Arrived at Aden.
12th July 1883. Passed Gravesend from Calcutta for the docks.
18th February 1884. Passed Dover for Sydney.
29th February 1884. Sighted Malta.
5th March 1884. Arrived at the Suez Canal.
30th April 1884. Arrived at Sydney.
13th January 1885. Passed Malta for Sydney.
26th February 1885. Arrived at Adelaide.
7th June 1885. Sailed from Saigon for Hong Kong.
13th August 1885. Arrived at Hiogo.
19th September 1885. Arrived at Singapore from Japan.
15th October 1885. Arrived at the Suez Canal.
26th October 1885. Arrived at Gibraltar from Hong Kong.
13th November 1885. Arrived at New York from Hong Kong.
26th December 1885. Passed St. Catherine’s Point from New York.
18th March 1886. Arrived at Melbourne.
27th March 1886. Arrived at Sydney.
19th April 1886. Sailed from Sydney.
12th July 1886. Sailed from Suez.
30th July 1886. Passed Gravesend for the South West India Dock.
24th October 1886. Arrived at Las Palmas, coaled and sailed.
13th December 1886. Arrived at Hobart.
10th January 1887. Arrived at Sydney.
3rd February 1887. Sailed from Sydney.
19th February 1887. Arrived at Albany, coaled and sailed for London.
31st March 1887. Passed Gibraltar for London.
16th April 1887. Passed Gravesend, from Sydney, via Antwerp, for the South West India Dock.
8th June 1887. Passed Dover.
8th August 1887. Arrived at Melbourne.
28th October 1887. Sailed from Sydney.
15th December 1887. Arrived at Aden, coaled, and sailed.
21st December 1887. Arrived at Suez from Sydney.
1st January 1888. Arrived at Malta.
13th January 1888. Passed Gravesend for the South West India Dock.
2nd February 1888. Sailed from Gravesend for Sydney.
4th April 1888. Arrived at Melbourne.
16th May 1888. Sailed from Albany for London.
18th June 1888. Sailed from Aden for Suez. Discharged some of her cargo after a fire from spontaneous ignition of glue pieces.
20th June 1888. Sailed from Suez after another fire of her cargo.
17th August 1888. Sailed from Port Said after a third fire of her cargo in which the ship was scuttled to put the fire out, then refloated.
22nd August 1888. Passed Malta for London.
28th August 1888. Arrived at Gibraltar from Sydney.
Captain Longley, took sick, and put into Lisbon for medical advice.
9th September 1888. Passed Gravesend, for London, in tow of three tugs, with her engines disabled.
7th January 1889. Sailed from Bombay.
15th January 1889. Arrived at Cocanada.
26th January 1889. Sailed from Pondicherry for Marseilles.
12th February 1889. Arrived at the Suez Canal.
7th April 1889. Arrived at Port Said for Bombay.
10th May 1889. Sailed from Bombay.
31st May 1889. Passed Perim from Kurrachee.
6th June 1889. Arrived at Port Said from Kurrachee.
8th June 1889. Sailed from Port Said.
13th June 1889. Passed Malta from Kurrachee.
20th June 1889. Passed Sagres from Kurrachee.
8th July 1889. A fire broke out while in the South West India Dock, Poplar. Much damage was eventually caused to a quantity of damage contained in the after hold.
20th October 1889. Arrived at Rotterdam, from Norfolk, Va.
22nd March 1890. Arrived at Samarang.
28th March 1890. Arrived at Sourabaya from Batoum.
19th April 1890. Sailed from Cheribon for England.
30th April 1890. Sailed from Colombo.
13th May 1890. Arrived at Perim from Cheribon. 1st June 1890. Arrived at Gibraltar.
4th June 1890. Sailed from Sagres for Liverpool.
6th June 1890. Lloyd’s agents at Lisbon telegraph that the British steamer ‘Essex’, from Cheribon for Liverpool, and the French steamer ‘Mokta’, from Bordeaux for Alicante, have been in collision. The former vessel sank, but the crew were saved. The ‘Mokta’ has put into Lisbon badly damaged.
1893. Sold.

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