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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:9th February 1856
Tonnage:234 81/94
Length:108 . 1 feet
Breadth:21 . 9 feet
Depth:6' 8"
Machinery:1856 Maudslay, Sons & Field, Lambth. 205 ihp. One set 2-cylinder horizontal direct reciprocating, 60 hp (nom), 203-233 hp (ind = 7 1/2 knots. Dia 15 1/2" Length of stoke 1' 6". 151 revs per minute. 41 p.s.i.
Built of:Wood
Type:Albacore class screw gunboat.
Off Number:
Built for:H.M. Government.
Other info:Armament: 1 x 68 pdr S.B. 1 x 32 pdr S.B.
Complement. 20 men.
How many day's comsumption of the following articles can she conveniently stow for her complement of men = Provisions - 120. Bread - 120. Spirits - 120. Water - 21.
History:Original Design 18th October 1854.
23rd April 1856. Present at Fleet Review, Spithead, Commander Goodenough.
Served on the Liverpool Station.
17th August 1868. In consequence of the very defective condition of this vessel, she has been of no service whatever as a tender for the last 12 months and only employed on a few occasions in taking the Royal Naval Reserve men to the mouth of the Mersey for target practice.
March 1869. Broken up at Pembroke Dock.

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