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Built by:Deptford Dockyard, Deptford.
Yard No.
Launched:3rd October 1811
Length:176 feet
Breadth:47' 6"
Depth:21 feet
Built of:Wood
Type:3rd Rate - Vengeur Class.
Off Number:
Built for:H. M. Government
Work Done:31st October 1845
Other info:Armament. 74 Guns
Crew - 600 men.
History:1st October 1806. Ordered.
9th March 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from the eastward.
9th June 1812. Arrived at Deal from off Flushing.
21st Deal 1812. Sailed from Deal for off Flushing.
22nd September 1812. Sailed from Deal for the North Foreland.
21st December 1812. Arrived at Portsmouth from the Downs.
14th January 1813. Sailed from Portsmouth for North America.
19th January 1813. Put into Cawsand Bay, Plymouth, by contrary winds and stormy weather.
20th January 1813. Sailed from Cawsand Bay for Halifax.
7/8th April 1814. The ships boats destroyed a number of vessels near Pettipague Point, about 15 miles up Connecticut River.
22nd August 1814. Sailed from Halifax for Portsmouth.
20th September 1814. Arrived at Portsmouth from Halifax.
1830. At Sheerness.
4th September 1845. Ordered to be converted into a steam-ship and is to be placed as a guard-ship in the River Medway.
31st October 1845. Was taken into the third dock at Chatham. The whole of her copper is to be stripped off her bottom, her poop taken away, and to be cleared of all her internal fitments, preparatory to her being navigated to the Thames, to be fitted by the contractors, Messrs. Wigram, with a screw propeller for a steam guard-ship for the River Medway.
15th November 1845. Was put out of dock and will be navigated to Blackwall.
31st December 1845. At Blackwall fitting out for steam.
16th January 1846. Fitting for steam guard ship at Messrs. Wigram’s Yard at Blackwall.
15th September 1846. Has been ordered to Deptford to have her screw propeller fitted there.
23rd December 1846. Was towed from Blackwall to Depford to receive her steam machinery.
20th December 1848. Steam Guard Ship at Sheerness.
19th June 1849. Commanded by Captain John Macdougall.
28th July 1849. Completed as a screw ship.
6th April 1851. Sent boats to Roches Bay, Cove of Cork, to the rescue of the emigrant ship ‘Favourite’.
14th May 1851. Arrived at Spithead from Queenstown. Crew will be paid and the ship will undergo a refit.
30th August 1851. At Lisbon.
1st September 1852. Commanded by Captain William Ramsay, guard ship, Devonport.
11th March 1854. Sailed from Spithead with the fleet for the Baltic.
15th April 1854. Captured Russian brig ‘Patrioten’.
16th April 1854. Captured Russian merchant vessel ‘Victor’.
4th February 1856. Sailed from Devonport for Falmouth.
23rd April 1856. Present at Fleet Review, Spithead.
24th May 1856. At Plymouth, Commanded by Captain John Fulford, flagship of Rear-Admiral Henry Ducie Chads, Queenstown.
1st March 1858. Commanded by Captain John Moore, Coast Guard, Greenock.
4th July 1859. Commanded by Captain Reginald John James George Macdonald, Coast Guard, Greenock.
1st August 1862. Commanded by Captain Arthur Farquhar, Coast Guard, Greenock.
28th February 1864. Paid off.
1865. Broken up at Devonport.

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