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Built by:Money & H. L. Wigram, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:2nd January 1847
Length:208 feet
Breadth:34 feet
Machinery:1,367 h.p. - 2 cyls.D.A. - 10 knots.
Decks:4 decks 2 masts
Built of:Iron
Type:Paddle steamer with a shield figure head.
Registered:Cert granted 19th May 1847, No. 190. Reg London 31st December 1849, No. 415
Off Number:13884
Built for:P. & O. Ltd.
Other info:Crew = 60 men.
Cost £62,000
450 tons of coal - 300 tons of cargo.
Designed for the Southampton - Alexandria service.
History:1847. Laid down as ‘Madras’
6th June 1847. Ran trials.
31st December 1849. Certificate granted.
30th December 1852. Registered in London No 415.
20th June 1847. Maiden voyage.
4th July 1852. The after-part of the ship was damaged by fire while in Wigram’s dry dock.
1852. Lengthened by Money Wigram & Son’s at Blackwall to 241 feet 1950 grt.
1854. A broken paddle shaft causes ‘Indus’ to be towed by ‘Candia’ from Malta to Constantinople with troops for the Crimea and back to Malta.
April 1862. Her engines were removed and she was converted to sail and used as a storeship carrying machinery and stores for the company’s India operations. New engines had been built for her, but they were fitted to ‘Syria’ instead.
23rd November 1863. Re-registered.
2nd November 1869. Sold to MacKay & Son’s for £7,920 for Australia trade.
1873. Sold to Taylor, Bethell and Roberts, London.
1879. Sold to Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. Ltd., London.
1882. Sold to Eastern and South African Telegraph Co. Ltd., London.
1889. Reduced to a hulk at Zanzibar.
8th December 1894. Scuttled off Mombasa being unfit for further service.

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