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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:13th November 1855
Tonnage:862 BM - 1,042 displacement.
Length:201 1/2 feet.
Breadth:30 4/10 feet
Depth:14 6/10 feet (hold). Draught in water Launching 6 . 0 & 7 . 6 aft.
Machinery:2 cylinder reciprocating, single shaft, 355 h.p. (nom) 970-1, 193 h.p. (ind) - 11 knots. Engines built by Maudslay. Dia. 4' 10 1/8. Stroke 2' 3" 77revs per min. Propeller Dia 11' 0" pitch 21' 3".
Decks:Twin funnel and three masts.
Built of:Wood.
Type:Intrepid Class Screw gunboat.
Off Number:
Built for:H.M. Government.
Other info:Armament - 2 x 68 pounders, 4 x 32 pounders.
Complement - 110 officers and ratings.
Cost 16,383 Contractors, Dock yard supplies & works 1,923. Fitted for sea 6,259.
History:15th May 1855. Ordered to be built at 20 10s per ton.
24th May 1855. Laid down.
Built thirteen months behind the rest of her class.
6th December 1855. Commanded by Commander William Wood, North America and West Indies.
12th February 1856. Sailed down to Woolwich to be rigged and fitted for service.
14th March 1856. Having been discovered to be in a leaky state and was docked at Woolwich to undergo a complete overhaul.
23rd April 1856. Present at Fleet Review, Spithead.
31st December 1856. Experienced heavy lighting at Gay Town and in Colon Bay and felt all ill effects from it.
25th September 1857. Commanded by Master John Waye, Devonport.
4th May 1859. Commanded by Commander Joseph Henry Marryat, Mediterranean.
7th October 1864. Sold to Marshalls of Plymouth.
28th February 1865. Taken to pieces at Plymouth.

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