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Built by:London & Glasgow Co., at Glasgow.
Yard No.233
Launched:10th March 1883 by Miss Laurence, of Constitution, South America.
Tonnage:2,485gt - 1,619nett
Length:286 feet
Breadth:39 feet
Depth:26 feet
Machinery:Comp. inv. 11 knots. 28 x 68 x 48 by builders. 300h.p.
Built of:Iron
Type:Auxiliary Screw
Off Number:87645
Built for:Money Wigram & Son's Ltd.
Other info:The construction of this vessel had been delayed by strikes on the Clyde.
History:28th May 1883. Sailed from Port Said for Adelaide.
18th July 1883. Sailed from Melbourne for Sydney.
15th September 1883. Sailed from Adelaide for London.
11th December 1883. Arrived at Port Said with a portion of her cargo on fire.
14th December 1883. Proceeded on her voyage to Melbourne.
19th January 1884. Arrived at Adelaide.
1st March 1884. Sailed from Melbourne for London.
5th April 1884. Arrived at Suez for London.
10th April 1884. Passed Malta.
22nd April 1884. Passed Beachy Head from Melbourne.
23rd April 1884. Passed Gravesend for the Docks.
24th October 1884. Arrived at Suez.
28th October 1884. Sailed from Port Said for London.
15th December 1884. Sailed from Gravesend for Sydney.
30th December 1884. Arrived at Port Said.
31st January 1885. Sailed from the Suez Canal.
6th February 1885. Arrived at Adelaide.
25th June 1885. Sailed from Gravesend for Sydney.
29th June 1885. Passed Gibraltar.
7th July 1885. Arrived at Port Said.
15th August 1885. Arrived at Adelaide.
21st August 1885. Arrived at Melbourne.
2nd September 1885. Arrived at Sydney.
26th October 1885. Sailed from Sydney.
14th November 1885. Sailed from Adelaide for London.
18th December 1885. Arrived at Suez.
25th December 1885. Passed Malta for London.
30th December 1885. Sailed from Gibraltar.
5th January 1886. Passed St. Catherine’s Point for London.
22nd March 1886. Sailed from Gravesend for Australia.
24th March 1886. Passed St. Catherine’s Point for Sydney.
1st April 1886. Arrived at Teneriffe and sailed.
19th May 1886. Arrived at Adelaide.
23rd May 1886. Arrived at Melbourne.
4th October 1886. Sailed from Singapore.
5th October 1886. Sailed from Shanghai for Nagasaki and Yokohama.
12th October 1886. Arrived at Shanghai.
10th December 1886. Arrived at Singapore from Hong Kong for New York.
8th January 1887. Passed Malta.
6th February 1887. Arrived at New York from Hong Kong.
5th July 1887. Arrived at Laide.
17th September 1887. Sailed from Sydney for London.
10th November 1887. Arrived at Suez from Sydney.
22nd November 1887. Passed Gibraltar.
30th December 1887. Arrived at Suez from Hong Kong for New York.
30th January 1888. Passed Prawle Point from London for Sydney.
26th February 1888. Arrived at Adelaide.
2nd March 1888. Arrived at Melbourne.
14th March 1888. Sailed from Sydney.
31st March 1888. Sailed from Adelaide.
6th April 1888. Arrived at King George’s Sound and sailed.
29th May 1888. Sailed from Gibraltar for London.
25th June 1888. Sailed from London, Captain Johnson, for Adelaide and Melbourne.
25th June 1888. Arrived at Holehaven where 1330 boxes of dynamite were loaded for Australia.
3rd July 1888. Arrived at Las Palmas.
25th July 1888. Two of the propeller blades were broken clean off.
26th July 1888. Arrived at Cape Town. Propeller repaired.
1st August 1888. Sailed from Cape Town.
27th August 1888. Arrived at Adelaide, then later sailed for Melbourne.
10th September 1888. Arrived at Sydney.
19th September 1888. Sailed from Sydney.
31st October 1888. Arrived at Melbourne.
27th January 1889. Arrived at Colombo and sailed after coaling.
16th March 1889. Sailed from Hiogo for Europe.
16th April 1889. Arrived at Perim from Hiogo.
26th June 1889. Sailed from Colombo from Batoum for Hong Kong.
27th August 1889. Sailed from Hiogo.
26th September 1889. Sailed from Thursday Island.
11th November 1889. Arrived at Melbourne.
24th November 1889. Sailed from Melbourne.
30th November 1889. Arrived at Albany.
30th December 1889. Arrived at Suez.
8th January 1890. Passed Gibraltar from London.
14th January 1890. Arrived at Gravesend from Melbourne.
18th March 1890. Passed Galata.
23rd March 1890. Sailed from the Suez Canal for Batoum.
5th April 1890. Arrived at Hodeidah.
7th April 1890. Sailed from Aden for Bombay.
23rd May 1890. Arrived at Suez from Bombay.
13th June 1890. Sailed from Venice.
13th August 1890. Arrived at Batavia.
7th September 1890. Arrived at Passaroeang.
13th September 1890. Arrived at Probolingo.
20th September 1890. Sailed from Probolingo.
20th October 1890. Arrived at Perim from Batavia.
28th October 1890. Arrived at the Suez Canal for Port Said.
23rd December 1890. Arrived at Port Said from Java.
22nd February 1891. Sailed from Sourabaya.
10th March 1891. Arrived at Batavia.
23rd March 1891. Arrived at Colombo.
24th March 1891. Sailed from Colombo.
6th April 1891. Arrived at Perim from Batavia.
14th April 1891. Arrived at the Suez Canal from Batavia.
21st April 1891. Arrived at Malta.
30th April 1891. Passed Sagres from Batavia.
5th May 1891. Arrived at Liverpool from Batavia.
3rd August 1891. Arrived at Suez from Batoum for Java.
4th September 1891. Arrived at Panang.
23rd September 1891. Arrived at Samarang.
6th January 1892. Passed Perim for Bombay.
20th February 1892. Passed Perim from Bombay.
27th February 1892. Arrived at Suez Canal from Bombay.
7th March 1892. Arrived at Venice.
1893. Sold to Columba Steamship Co. Ltd. Glasgow.
1894. Reg closed. Sold Belgium. Sold to Soc. Columba Belge de Navigation, Antwerp. Renamed ‘Bruxelles’.
3rd May 1897. Wrecked at St. Pierre, Reunion when outward for Marseille with a cargo of sugar.

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