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Built by:W. Gray & Co., at West Hartlepool.
Yard No.410
Launched:12th March 1891, by Miss E. Oliver of Higher Broughton, Manchester.
Tonnage:1,723 nett - 2,682 gt
Length:300 feet
Breadth:40 . 1 feet
Depth:22 . 7 feet
Machinery:By Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool. 23 x 36 1/2 x 62 x 39. 1100 ihp. 2 boilers. 160 psi. T3 Cyl.
Decks:Well deck
Built of:Steel
Type:Auxiliary Screw
Registered:West Hartlepool 1891 - Leith 1893
Off Number:98507
Built for:Money Wigram & Son's Ltd.
Other info:
History:1st May 1891. Went on sea trials.
2nd May 1891. Arrived at West Hartlepool to load railway iron for Bombay.
24th May 1891. Arrived at Port Said from Middlesbrough, for Bombay.
18th July 1891. Passed Malta from Bombay for Rotterdam.
18th September 1891. Arrived at Batoum.
4th October 1891. Sailed from Batoum for Calcutta.
4th January 1892. Arrived at the Suez Canal from Calcutta.
22nd January 1892. Passed Dungeness for Dundee.
24th January 1892. Arrived at Dundee from Calcutta.
18th August 1892. Sailed from London for Auckland, N.Z., Captain A. H. Burgess, under charter to the Shaw, Savill and Albion Co.
27th August 1892. Arrived at Las Palmas, took on coal.
5th September 1892. Crossed the line.
20th September 1892. Sighted the Cape of Good Hope.
17th October 1892. Arrived at Hobart, replenished her bunkers, taken in 200 tons in all, sailed same day for Auckland. The length of the passage being due to the slowness of the steamer.
25th October 1892. Arrived at Auckland with £34,000 worth of cargo. Captain A. H. Burgess.
31st October 1892. Sailed from Auckland for Wellington.
2nd November 1892. Arrived at Wellington.
13th November 1892. Sailed from Wellington.
18th November 1892. Arrived at Sydney.
25th December 1892. In Sydney harbour, loading for London.
4th January 1893. Sailed from Sydney for Brisbane.
7th January 1893. Arrived at Brisbane.
20th January 1893. Sailed from Parbury Lamb’s Wharf, Brisbane for Sydney with 7200 bales of wool, 200 bales sheepskins, 50 logs cedar, and a quantity of hides, bones, horns, hoofs, etc., the total value being estimated at about £110,000.
24th January 1893. Arrived at Sydney and berthed at Dalgety’s Wharf to complete loading colonial cedar, and rough stuff, for London.
2nd February 1893. Sailed from Sydney for London with 7500 bales wool, 1130 bags matte, 248 blocks white lead, 1523 ingots copper, 867 casks tallow, 300 casks oleine, 15 cases pearlshell, 4 cases machinery, 742 ingots tin, 178 bales sheepskins, 1082 hides, 50 logs cedar, 181 bags hair, horns, and hoofs, 942 bags antimony, 248 blocks white metal.
30th March 1893. Arrived in London.
1893. Sold to D. Cairns & Company of Leith and renamed 'Silverton'.
13th July 1916. Torpedoed and sunk by German submarine ‘U-39’ when 14 miles NE. of Cannae Rocks, Tunisia when on route from Cardiff to Alexandria with a cargo of coal.

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