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Built by:R. & H. Green, at Blackwall.
Yard No.410
Launched:21st June 1879. Launch by the Hon. Mrs. R. Bevan.
Length:332 . 4 feet.
Breadth:40 . 1 feet
Depth:32 . 9 feet
Machinery:Comp. inv. 12 knots. 31 x 75 x 51 by Humphrys & Tennant. 600 ihp. Boilers also by H & T.
Built of:Iron
Type:Auxiliary screw, Barquentine rigged.
Registered:London 1879
Off Number:
Built for:Money Wigram & Son's.
Other info:Passengers 90 first - 90 second and 150 third class.
History:30th September 1879. Made engine trials, the vessel averaging over 15 miles an hour under 70lbs pressure, and making 62 revolutions per minute.
20th October 1879. Sailed from London, Captain J.Pyne O'Callagan, for Melbourne and Sydney.
22nd October 1879. Arrived at Plymouth at 6 a.m., from London, having made the run down Channel against a strong head wind at an average speed of 12 knots an hour. She embarked mails, 20 first and 52 second and third class passengers, and was dispatched at 3 p.m. for her destination, taking out in all 80 first, 90 second, and 250 third class passengers. She will call at Cape Verd for coals, and from thence go direct to her destination.
27th October 1879. Mr. Glasson, second class passenger, died from haemophthisis.
29th October 1879. Mr Nicholas Corpotan, a foreigner, third class passenger, aged about 40 years, was missed in the night. It was conjectured that he had fallen or thrown himself overboard.
30th October 1879. Arrived at St. Vincent.
31st October 1879. Sailed from St. Vincent. Mr. George Wild, second class passenger, died of disease of the kidneys.
14th November 1879. Arrived at Cape Town. Coaled.
15th November 1879. Sailed from Cape Town.
2nd December 1879. Mr. Murray, a third class passenger died from heart disease.
5th December 1879. Arrived at Melbourne from London, with 132 passengers for this port.
7th December 1879. Sailed from Melbourne for Sydney.
11th December 1879. Arrived at Sydney from Melbourne, with 279 passengers, of whom 25 are saloon, 28 second cabin, and 226 third class and steerage, all from England.
18th January 1880. Sailed from Melbourne.
12th Febuaury 1880. Sailed from Aden at 9 a.m. for London.
16th Febuaury 1880. Arrived at the Suez Canal bound for London.
4th March 1880. Passed Greavesend for the Docks.
18th April 1880. Sailed from London, Captain Jaspar Pyne O'Callagan for Lyttelton, New Zealand.
19th April 1880. Sailed from Plymouth for New Zealand.
27th April 1880. Arrived at St. Vincent. Took on board 350 tons of coal.
30th April 1880. Sailed from St. Vincent.
16th May 1880. Arrived at Cape Town, took on 100 tons of coal.
17th May 1880. Sailed from Cape Town.
12th June 1880. Arrived at Lyttelton, N.Z. from Plymouth. The first steamer to make the voyage from England to New Zealand direct. She had 340 passengers and 200 tons of cargo.
19th June 1880. Sailed from Wellington.
25th June 1880. Arrived at Sydney.
25th September 1880. Sailed from Aden from China.
3rd October 1880. Arrived at Suez, for New York.
14th October 1880. Arrived at Gibraltar.
4th December 1880. Passed Gravesend, from New York, for the Docks.
29th January 1881. Sailed from London, Captain J.Pyne O'Callagan for Lyttelton, New Zealand.
31st January 1881. Arrived at Plymouth to embark passengers and sailed for New Zealand.
25th March 1881. Arrived at Canterbury, N.Z.
5th April 1881. Arrived at Sydney.
11th May 1881. Arrived at Shanghai.
19th June 1881. Passed Woosung from Hankow.
1st July 1881. Sold to Money Wigram & Son's Ltd.
7th August 1881. Passed Gravesend for the Docks.
4th October 1881. Passed Deal from London for Adelaide. 24th November 1881. Arrived at Melbourne.
29th December 1881. Sailed from Malta for London.
1882. Registered in Glasgow.
19th January 1882. Arrived at Suez.
30th January 1882. Passed Gibraltar from Melbourne for London'
4th February 1882. Passed Gravesend on her way to the docks.
1883. Sold to the R.M.S.P.Co and renamed 'La Plata'.
1893. Registered in London.
1893. Sold to the Orienta Steam Yachting Assn. Renamed 'Orienta'.
1894. Sold to the Norse King Steamship Co. Renamed 'Morse King'.
1895. Engines quadrupled tandem 2 crank 27 x 36 x 76 x 51 by Palmers, Jarrow. 3000ihp. New boilers also by Palmers. 180psi.
1895. Registered in Newcastle.
1896. Sold to the Albion Steamship Co. Newcastle.
1898. Sold to Forward & Moorhead, London. Renamed 'Argonaut'.
1898. Registered in London.
1900. Sold to Co-operative Cruising Co Ltd.
1901. Sold to J. Crowle.
September 1908. Departed from London, bound for Marseilles.
29th September 1908. Sunk following a collision with the steamer 'Kingswell' (1891) off Dungeness, Kent.
1908. Registry closed.
1982. Spoon recovered from the wreck by C.West, 38 Madeira Drive, Hastings, Sussex.

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