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Built by:Tod & McGregoe in Glasgow.
Yard No.
Launched:22nd September 1842
Tonnage:548 gross, 303 nett
Length:160 feet
Breadth:26 feet
Depth:15 feet 4 inches
Machinery:Two cylinder engines manufactured by John Duffus & Co., Aberdeen. 210 ihp. 9 knots
Built of:Iron
Type:Paddle Steamer.
Registered:28th April 1843 - Registered 1st July 1847
Off Number:
Built for:P & O Ltd.
Work Done:14th January 1846
Other info:Passengers 55.
Employed on the Southampton - Peninsular and later Calcutta - China services.
History:30th November 1842. Reported ready for sea.
December 1845. Reported to have run aground on the bar of Oporto. (Which wasn’t true.)
9th January 1846. The ‘Pacha’, Peninsula and Oriental steamer, Burney commander, arrived at six o’clock with the Peninsula mails West Indies.
14th January 1846. The Admiralty ordered a survey to be held on the ship in Wigram’s dock at Blackwall, by an officer of Woolwich Dockyard. The vessel did not exhibit any signs of damage, and she was undocked.
23rd February 1846. Sailed from Southampton for Lisbon, Madeira, Spain, and Gibraltar. She had on board a supply of Wylam’s fuel instead of coals, for the purpose of experiment. This composition, which is sold in blocks about the shape and size of building bricks, occupies as much room as ordinary fuel for steam engine purposes; but the heat it causes is of extraordinary intensity, and therefore time is saved in getting up the steam.
Among the passengers on board was Captain Yanireserio, in charge of the horse about to be presented to the Queen of Portugal from the Pacha of Egypt.
7th March 1846. Arrived at Southampton.
17th April 1846. Sailed with the mails.
24th April 1846. Sailed from Gibraltar.
25th April 1846. Sailed from Cadiz.
30th April 1846. Sailed from Lisbon.
1st May 1846. Sailed from Oporto.
2nd May 1846. Sailed from Corunna.
5th May 1846. Arrived at Southampton, Captain Evans.
26th June 1846. Sailed from Gibraltar.
27th June 1846. Sailed from Cadiz.
30th June 1846. Sailed from Lisbon.
1st July 1846. Sailed from Oporto.
2nd July 1846. Detained off Vigo 16 hours by a heavy fog.
3rd July 1846. Sailed from Vigo, arrived and departed from Corunna.
6th July 1846. Arrived at Southampton, Captain F. Burney.
22nd July 1851. Sank following a collision with the company’s ‘Erin’ off Formosa Shoal in the Straits of Malacca when on a voyage from Hong Kong to Calcutta. Twelve passengers and four crew were lost.

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