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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Length:181' 9"
Breadth:24' 6"
Depth:11' 6"
Machinery:John Penn & Co. 180 hp. 1 shaft. 1080 ihp. 11 knots.
Built of:Wood
Type:B.A.P. (Bugue Armada Peruana) corvette.
Off Number:
Built for:Peruvian Government.
Other info:Armament 2 x 70 pdr cannons - 4 x 40 pdr & 4 x 12 pdr cannons
Its name should have been 'Putumayo', but by error of the builders 'Pilcomayo' was painted on her.
Specially destined to hydrographic work, also school for navel cadets.
History:1874. Commissioned.
1875. Arrived at Callao.
18th November 1879. Captured by armored the Chilean ‘Target’, at the north of Ariea.
1891. During the Civel War remained in Buenos Aires.
1910. Discarded.

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