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Built by:W. Fairbairn & Son's, Millwall, London.
Yard No.233
Launched:28th March 1846
Tonnage:1,401 - 1,850g
Length:205 . 7 feet
Breadth:34 feet
Depth:21 - 7 feet
Machinery:D.A.O. Two cylinder direct-acting oscillating engines manufactured by Miller, Ravenhill & Co, Blackwall. 450ihp. Speed 10 knots.
Built of:Iron
Registered:15th September 1846
Off Number:30534
Built for:P. & O. Ltd.
Work Done:April 1849 to February 1850
Other info:Designed by R. Murray.
Cost £66,000
History:6th September 1846. Sailed from builders.
15th September 1846. Built for India service but maiden voyage was to Black Sea. Performance was so bad that after a few trips she was returned to England.
November 1846. Grounded in fog Thorness Bay, Isle of Wight. Salvaged.
26th April 1849. Towed up the River Thames to Blackwall for repairs.
February 1850. Re-engined and lengthened by Money Wigram & Sonís at Blackwall to 220 ft 3 in. Proposals were made to overhaul, fit new boilers and convert her to screw propulsion, but were not carried out.
31st December 1850. Re-registered. Tonnage 1,402. All work completed.
1858. Troops of the 92nd Regiment mutinied, refusing to sail on her from Suez because they would have to berth on deck.
November 1861. Withdrawn from service and converted to a store ship at Bombay.
1862. Store ship at Bombay.
7th July 1867. Sold for scrap to Hajee Cassum Joosub.

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