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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, Northam Yard.
Yard No.
Launched:4th April 1850
Tonnage:524 8/10
Length:131 feet
Breadth:26 feet
Depth:18 feet
Decks:Two with 3 masts.
Built of:Oak timbers & planking, over which there was a sheathing of greenheart, with zinc sheathing outside. Bow 15 feet of solid oak.
Type:Carvel Rig.
Registered:London No 123 on 25th April 1850. Cert granted 30th March 1850. - London 1856 - London 1889 - Napier N.Z. 1905.
Off Number:404
Built for:The Governor & Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay.
Other info:A male figure head.
History:1856. Fitted out for the relief expedition of Sir John Franklin.
Used as a store ship on the Thames.
1857. Had a new deck and some repairs done.
9th April 1864. While in Wigramís Dry Dock under repairs she caught fire and was severely damaged.
11th February 1865. Condemned and sold at York Factory.
1889. Brought out to New Zealand by Nelson Bros, for the freezing industry, fitted with twin propellers, driven by a pair of 30 hp engines steam for which was supplied from the boiler of the refrigerating plant. Two compound 10x18x12 by J.B.Oake, & boiler (made 1886) by Fraser Bros, Bow a cost of £10,000.
Nov 1889. Used in Gisbourne, New Zealand, as a freezing plant.
1/1891. Went to Picton, New Zealand, and inaugurated the frozen meat trade of Marlborough.
1899. Returned to Gisbourne. Used as a store ship.
July, 1901. Moved to Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Used as a store ship.
1906. Wellington. Sold as a coal hulk for the Blackball Coal Co. then passed on to the Union Steamship Co.

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