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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at the Northam Yard.
Yard No.
Launched:13th April 1854 (11 o'clock) - Laid Down 1852 - Compleated September 1854.
Tonnage:441,826. - 2234 displacement.
Length:226 - 5 feet.
Breadth:36 . 1 feet.
Depth:16 . 7 feet.
Machinery:Screw - 300 ihp - 12 knots - Compound engine - 2 cylinder horizonal (1200 ihp)
Built of:Wood
Off Number:
Built for:Austrian Government.
Other info:Armament. Guns from the 'Navarre'. 36 guns.
Designed in the lines of H.M.S. 'Tribune'.
Launched by The Lady of the Ven. Archdeacon Wigram.
Complement - 1859 = 354 - 1866 = 398.
History:9 – 11 May 1854. In the East India Docks being fitted up with her armament and engines.
17th October 1854. Left England with an Austrian crew.
11th November 1854. Arrived at Trieste.
20th February 1869. The Austrian frigate ‘Radetzky’ has been blown up by internal explosion between the Islands of Lissa and Sisina in the Adriatic. Three hundred lives were lost, and only twenty saved.

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