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Built by:Money & Henry Loftus Wigram, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Built of:
Type:Blackwall Frigate
Off Number:
Built for:Money & H. L. Wigram.
Other info:Fitted with Patent Copper Wire Rope Lighting Conductors, manufactured and fitted by Andrew Smith, Millwall, Poplar, London, at a cost of 7 . 12s.
History:1843. Trading from London to Calcutta.
12th November 1845. Arrived at Deal, from the River and sail for Calcutta.
27th July 1846. Arrived at Hongkong from Calcutta.
23rd August 1846. Sailed from Manila, Commander Baldersten.
20th October 1846. Due to sail from Gravesend, Commander A. Scanlan, for the Cape and Calcutta.
5th April 1847. Crew sign on in London.
10th April 1847. Sailed from Gravesend, with Thomas Ryder, Cadet for the Bombay Infantry, and Edward Gambier Pym as a Volunteer for the Indian Navy.
11th April 1847. Sailed from the Downs, Commander Scanlan, for Bombay.
20 July 1847. Arrived at Bombay.
13th September 1847. Sailed from Bombay for Columbo.
20th September 1847. Arrived at Columbo, Ceylon.
21st September 1847. Sailed from Columbo for Tutocoreen.
18th October 1847. At Tutocoreen.
16th November 1847. Arrived at Singapore from Tutocoreen.
26th December 1847. Arrived at Hong Kong from Singapore.
17th January 1848. William Bavis, butcher, dies in Whampoa.
15th March 1848. Arrived at Hong Kong from Whampoa.
23rd March 1848. Sailed from Hong Kong for Singapore.
3rd April 1848. Arrived at Singapore from Hong Kong.
6th April 1848. Sailed from Singapore for Point de Galle.
30th April 1848. Arrived at Madras from China.
10th May 1848. Sailed from Madras for Calcutta.
16th May 1848. Arrived at Calcutta from Madras.
7th June 1848. Thomas Allen, cook, imprisoned in Calcutta.
27th June 1848. Edward Paulin, sail maker, dies in Calcutta.
18th August 1848. Robert Hurst was left behind at Calcutta.
21st August 1848. Sailed from Saugor Island for London.
27th December 1848. Arrives at Deal.
28th December 1848. Arrives at Gravesend.
29th December 1848. Arrived in London from Calcutta and the Cape with a cargo of 6279 bgs Sugar, 200 bls Jute, 50 bls Safflower, 60 chests Indigo, 100 hhds Rum, 170 gags of Saltpeter, Silk and Hides.
29th April 1846. Captain Scanlon was tried in court for a misdemeanour.
January 1849. Arrived at the East India Docks, London, from Calcutta and the Cape of Good Hope, with brought from Calcutta 200 boxes of specie, consigned to the East India Company, ten boxes of specie, and one case of gold. From the Cape, three boxes of specie, and one case.
4th February 1850. Passed Gravesend, for London from Bombay, with a cargo of 1242 bales Cotton, 162 pcs Ivory, 3 Sea Horse Teeth, 87 bags Coffee, 28 casks, 228 bags Cloves, 30 casks 15 bris Cocoa Nut Oil, 100 bxs Cassis, 8 cs Gum Asafoetida, 65 cs Shells, 22 cks caster oil,83 pkgs Blackwood and Furniture, 330 pcs Ebony, 2 cs Shawls, a quty Deer Horns, and Sundries.
13th October 1850. Sailed from Gravesend, with Charles Ancell, as a volunteer for the Bengal Pilot Service.
April 1852. Due to sail from Gravesend for Calcutta, Captain Scanlan.
9th October 1852. Due to sail from Gravesend for Calcutta.

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