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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:12th May 1861
Tonnage:358 grt - 133 nrt
Length:171 . 1 feet
Breadth:24 . 8 feet
Depth:11 . 9 feet
Machinery:S.D.O. 2cyls 50" x 45" by Ravenhill & Co, London.
Built of:Steel
Type:Two funnelled Paddle Steamer
Registered:London 1862
Off Number:44843
Built for:London, Chatham & Dover Railway Co, London.
Other info:She was used on the night mail service along with 'Breeze' until 1898.
History:5th/6th October 1861. Experimental trips made.
22nd March 1862. Made a satisfactory trip from the river to Calais, accomplishing the distance in about six hours.
28th March 1862. Sailed from Calais to Dover.
12th May 1862. On trial she made record trips across the channel, the passage from Dover to Calais occupying 83 minutes and the return journey 78 minutes. One of the first on the route to have private cabins.
20th May 1862. Sailed from Dover to Calais and back, accomplishing the distance with greater speed than has ever before been attained by any vessel. She was 1 hour 23 minutes from Dover to Calais, and 1 hour 18 minutes from Calais to Dover, the former being at the rate of 15•762 nautical, or 18•252 statute miles per hour, and the latter 16•769 nautical miles, or 19•418 statute miles per hour. The mean speed was 16•265 nautical, or 18•825 statute miles per hour.
30th May 1862. George Hobday, a seaman, was charged with concealing four bottles of brandy.
1865. Rammed by a badly lit American sailing barge during haze. She was severely damaged and only some of the passengers were rescued by the Ostend mail steamer ‘Belgique’. Fortunately the bulkheads held and she was subsequently repaired.
1873. New boilers.
1888. New boilers.
December 1898. Registry closed ‘Sold to Holland for breaking up.’
1899. Scrapped.

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