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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Launched:March 1855
Tonnage:69 3375/3500
Length:75 4/10 feet
Breadth:15 6/10 feet
Depth:9 4/10 feet
Decks:One deck with two masts.
Built of:Wood, sheathed with yellow metal and copper fastened.
Type:Schooner (Yacht)
Registered:1st January 1855 London No. 1. Cert granted 29th December 1854.
Off Number:
Built for:The Right Reverend George Augustus - Melanesian Mission (G. Selwyn).
Other info:Built under special survey.
She was the third vessel owned by the Mission, and the first to bear the name.
Crew - 8 men.
History:28th March 1855. Sailed for Auckland.
20th July 1855. Arrived at Auckland.
18th June 1860. The vessel was returning from a voyage to the Melanesian island when she was wrecked at Ngungura Bay. The schooner made the Three Kings on June 13, and for four days was buffeted by a easterly gale, when she again made the land. On June 18th she encountered a north-eastern gale, with very thick weather. With Whangarei Harbour under her lee, and the wind blowing a violent gale the vessel was steered to the northward. The schooner grounded in what appeared to be a spot somewhat sheltered from the full violence of the sea. The ship was brought nearer to what those on board thought to be deep water, but in less than half an hour she was completely filled with water, and the crew were forced to take refuge in the rigging. The boats were washed away, and from 2 a.m. until daylight the crew remained in the rigging in dreadful suspense. When daylight came those on board found they were in a bay, and near a sandy shore, eventually a line was sent ashore and all hands were drawn through the surf safely to land.
2nd February 1865. Supposed lost.

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