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Built by:Alexander Stephen & Sons on the River Clyde, Scotland..
Yard No.
Launched:17th August 1863
Tonnage:1160 tons Displacement
Length:230 feet
Breadth:32.5 feet
Depth:20 feet 6 inches
Machinery:200 hp by A. & J. Inglis. Propeller bronze 14 ft dis. 8 Knots.
Decks:Poop, main, berth.
Built of:Iron-framed, teak planked.
Type:Screw steamer
Off Number:
Built for:Messrs. Robertson & Co., London.
Other info:Armament - 2x12 pounder carronades.
History:November 1863. Sailed from London with troops for Auckland and from thence to Hankow for a cargo of tea.
September 1864. Sold to Mr. Richard Wright of Liverpool.
15th September 1864. In Wigram’s dry dock at Blackwall.
7th October 1864. Sold to Mr. P. S. Corbett, the master of the ship for £45,000.
8th October 1864. Sailed from Liverpool ostensibly for Bombay, India, on a trading voyage. She rendezvoused at Funchal, Madeira, with the steamer ‘Laurel’, bearing officers and the nucleus of a crew for ‘Sea King’, together with naval guns, ammunition, and stores. Commanding officer Lieutenant James Iredell Waddell supervised her conversion to a ship-of-war in nearby waters. Waddell was barely able, however, to bring his crew to half strength even with additional volunteers from ‘Sea King’ and ‘Laurel’.
19th October 1864. Changed her name to ‘Shenandoah’ and sailed for the Cape of Good Hope then to Australia.
25th January 1865. In Melbourne and obtained additional men and supplies.
18th February 1865. Sailed under the Confederate Navy Department and was assigned to “seek and utterly destroy” Union ships, and thereafter her course lay in pursuit of merchantmen on the Cape of Good Hope – Australia route and of the Pacific whaling fleet.
5th November 1865. Arrived in the Mersey.
6th November 1865. Captain Waddell surrendered to the Captain of H.M.S.’Donegal’ at Liverpool. Later the ship was handed over to the United States government.
1866. Sold to the first Sultan of Zanzibar. Renamed ‘El Majidi’.
15th April 1872. Beached during a hurricane at Zanzibar.

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