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Built by:Wigram's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.253
Launched:19th May 1841
Length:167 . 2
Breadth:35 . 4
Depth:11' 0"
Built of:Oak sheathed with yellow metal.
Off Number:
Built for:Money & H. L. Wigram.
Other info:Crew 46 - Passengers 107
History:20th July 1841. Cleared outward at Custom House with cargo for Calcutta. Captain w. A. Bowen.
23rd July 1842. Cleared outward with cargo at Custom House.
25th July 1842. Came down the river and passed Deal for Calcutta. Captain Bowen.
12th January 1843. Sailed from Calcutta.
15th January 1843. Sailed from Bengal.
21st March 1843. Sailed from St. Helena.
5th May 1843. Was off Southampton, from Calcutta, and landed the passengers by a Cowes pilot boat, fifty in number, of whom thirty three were children. They were all sojourning at the Dolphin Hotel. Headed for the Downs.
6th May 1843. Passed Deal and proceeded for the river.
25th July 1843. Came down the river and sailed past Deal for Calcutta. Captain Bowen.
18th January 1844. Sailed from Bengal.
16th March 1844. Sailed from St. Helena.
21st April 1844. Arrived off Falmouth from Calcutta.
23rd July 1844. Came down the river and sailed for Calcutta. Captain Bowen.
24th July 1844. Arrived at Portsmouth from London.
29th July 1844. Off Portsmouth .
27th April 1845. Passed Deal, from Calcutta, then at Pace Sand Hole, off Margate, the ‘New Holland’ was in contact with the ‘Southampton’ and she lost her bowsprit, foremast, etc., became leaky, and was towed into the bay run aground, and is expected off on the next tide; cargo being discharged.
29th April 1845. Arrived at Custom House.
21st July 1845. Entered Outward with cargo for Calcutta.
12th January 1846. Sailed from Bengal.
10th March 1846. Sailed from St. Helena.
23rd April 1846. Arrived off Plymouth from Bengal.
25th April 1846. Sailed from Plymouth for London.
23rd July 1846. Arrived at Deal from the river and sailed for Calcutta. Captain Bowen.
2nd January 1847. Sailed from Bengal.
19th April 1847. Arrived off Falmouth.
20th April 1847. Arrived in the Downs then later arrived at Gravesend from Calcutta.
26th July 1847. Sailed from Portsmouth for Calcutta.
8th May 1848. Arrived at Deal and proceeded up the river from Calcutta.
22nd July 1848. Past Deal after coming down the river and sailed for Calcutta.
29th July 1848. Arrived at Torbay from London.
3rd August 1848. Sailed from Torbay for Calcutta.
7th August 1848. Sailed from Falmouth.
25th April 1849. Arrived at Gravesend from Calcutta.
26th April 1849. Taken into the East India Company’s dock at Blackwall on her return from India. A large concourse of spectators assembled to witness the splendid vessel deeply laden with the produce of the East.
23rd July 1849. Arrived at Portsmouth from London.
31st July 1849. Sailed from Portsmouth.
3rd August 1849. Sailed from Spithead for Calcutta full of passengers.
19th August 1850. At lat. 11N. Long 38W. London to Calcutta.
7th January 1851. Sailed from Bengal.
12th March 1851. Sailed from St. Helena.
2nd May 1851. Arrived off Penzance from Bengal.
20th July 1851. Due to sail for Calcutta direct. Captain W. A. Bowen.
15th November 1851. Arrived at Calcutta.
19th January 1852. Sailed from Bengal.
30th April 1852. Arrived off Portsmouth from Bengal.
18th October 1853. Arrived at Mauritius from Bengal.
1854. Had some repairs done.
1st January 1859. Sailed from Plymouth for Melbourne.
30th March 1859. Arrived at Melbourne, Captain Bryan Tonkin, from London with passengers – Cabin: Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, Misses. Robertson (2), Masters Robertson (2), Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Mackinnon, Miss Grant, Miss Russell, Messrs. De Costa, Graham, Russell, Dickson; and 19 in the steerage, plus some thoroughbred Bulls.
25th May 1859. Cleared out at Melbourne, for London, with passengers – Saloon: Captain Cole (Her Majesty’s 11th Regiment) and lady, Mr. and Mrs. Slatter and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, and Messrs. Charles Wilson, H. Humphreys, C. V. Adams; and 84 passengers in the second and third cabins.
15th August 1859. Arrived in London with gold valued at £118,000 from Melbourne.
7th March 1860. Due to sail from Melbourne for London, Captain Tonkin.
1st September 1860. Sailed from Plymouth for Melbourne. Captain Tonkin.
27th October 1860. Rounded the Cape of Good Hope.
24th November 1860. At Cape Otway.
25th November 1860. Arrived at Melbourne from London.
20th January 1861. Sailed from Melbourne for London.
20th July 1861. Due to leave the East India Docks, Captain B. Tonkin, for Plymouth and Melbourne.
24th October 1861. Arrived at Melbourne.
24th October 1862. Sold to Charles, Clifford and Robert Wigram.
7th March 1862. Arrived in London from Melbourne.
4th December 1862. Sailed from Melbourne with 49,878oz 14dwt of gold and a general cargo.
1863. Sold to G. Bremner, of London.
5th October 1864. Was damaged in a Calcutta Cyclone.

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