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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at the Northam Yard.
Yard No.
Tonnage:152 gt - 50 5/10
Length:116 feet.
Breadth:17 1/10 feet
Depth:10 8/10 feet
Machinery:Lever 2 cylinder 34 x 48 Stewart, Blackwall.
Decks:One with one mast.
Built of:Wood
Type:Paddle Tug - Carvel rig.
Registered:London 11th April 1854 No. 207. & 1870.
Certificate granted 14th November 1853.
Off Number:12754
Built for:William Watkins, London.
Other info:
History:1859. Reboilered and patent paddles fitted.
1864. Reboilered, engine and hull repairs.
17th March 1870. Reg cancelled.
1874. Reboilered.
1876. Reboilered, engine and hull repairs.
January 1906. Rigistry closed. 'To be broken up'.

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