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Built by:Money Wigram & Son's, at Blackwall.
Yard No.
Tonnage:97 gt - 44 3/10 nett
Length:92 5/10
Depth:8 4/10
Decks:One deck with two masts.
Built of:Wood
Type:Paddle tug - Schooner rig.
Registered:27th October 1853 No. 537 in London also No. 575 of 1853 - Certificate granted 12th October 1853.
Off Number:None issued.
Built for:Joseph Lukey, London.
Other info:Crew - 7 men.
History:1st November 1853. Ship loading in London.
1st December 1853. Arrived at Deal, from London, and sailed for Melbourne the same day. Captain Lukey.
4th March 1854. Arrived in Melbourne.
16th June 1864. Sailed from Melbourne for Adelaide.
19th June 1854. Arrived at Adelaide from Melbourne, Captain Lawrence.
23rd June 1854. Likely to be employed during the summer in making excursions to Kangaroo Island and Spencer’s Gulf.
5th August 1854. While from Wellington to Melbourne spoke to the ‘William Denny’.
9th November 1854. The ‘Hellespont arrived at Portland Bay. The engineer of the ‘Young Australian’ went on board and stated that they had been lying in Portland Bay for more than a week, but were then making preparations for another trip to the wreck of the ‘Nene Valley’. He also stated that there was between £500 and £800 worth of property lying on the beech from the wreck, but were unable to get it on board on account of the weather.
13th November 1854. Wrecked at Cape Northumberland.
7th July 1855. The ‘Bosphorus’ made an appearance in the Gulf. The captain reports having sent a boat on shore at Cape Northumberland, to visit the wreck. The persons employed there were very sanguine about being able to float the stranded vessel off next spring tides.
22nd July 1855. After undergoing some inconsiderable repairs, might shortly resume her employment as a tug boat. Her hull and machinery are little hurt by rust. A few planks which were sprung on the bilges, have been replaced.
10th October 1855. Has just been got off. She was purchased by Mr. Coleman, of Port Adelaide, for a very small sum, her speculative owner being likely to repay himself handsomely for the expense and trouble involved in floating her.
14th October 1855. Brought into Port Adelaide under sail.
26th January 1872. The Governments intention is to purchase a small steamer capable of navigating the Roper, and dispatch her at once to the Northern Territory, where she will be in readiness for any work required of her.
19th February 1872. Has been purchased and has sailed for the Roper.
1872. Wrecked in Roper River, near Darwin.
1st September 1872. The purchasers of the wreck had been extremely fortunate. The weather had been exceptionably fine for the operations of the salvors, and nearly every bale of wool and cotton had been recovered. Divers were engaged in breaking out the cargo from the lower hold. Amongst the salvage brought up was twenty-five tons of tin ore, only one portion of the cargo expected to be immediately lost was the shipment of hides and skins.

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