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Built by:James Henderson & Son, Renfrew.
Yard:West Yard.
Yard No.:7
Launched:April 1854 (Last week in April)
Tonnage:264 grt
Length:180 feet 4 inches
Breadth:21 feet 4 inch
Depth:9 feet 7 inches
Machinery:Made by McNab & Clark, Greenock. Two cylinder occillating type. 13 knots. 110 nph.
Decks:Two masts.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Paddle-Wheel Steamer.
Registered:16th August 1854 in London by W. S. Andrews.
Official No.:18602
Other info:Two funnels abaft the paddle boxes.
Route = Harwich / Scheldt.
History:Built for The North of Europe Steam Navigation Co, Lowestoft.
17th May 1854. Was hauled to the crane at the East India Harbour to receive on board the machinery there lying in waiting for her.
7th August 1854. Sailed from Harwich as a trial trip to Antwerp.
17th August 1854. Sailed from Harwich for Dunkirk. Captain J. Hast.
23rd August 1854. Arrived at Dundee for coals, then on a pleasure trip to the Baltic.
1856. Laid up in Lowestoft.
7th April 1857. Taken out from Lowestoft dock.
11th April 1857. Made a trial trip and averaged from 12 to 14 knots per hour.
13th April 1857. Sailed from Lowestoft, Captain Oliver, for Jersey.
15th May 1857. Chartered by the Weymouth and Channel Islands Steam Packet Company for eighteen months.
21st May 1857. Arrived at Jersey with 80 fresh convicts, chained two and two, and with a long chain passed betwixt them.
November 1857. Owned by Weymouth & Channel Islands Steam Packet Co Ltd. London. Reg Weymouth.
31st March 1883. Struck by isolated tidal wave south of Portland Bill, Weymouth for Channel Islands.
1889. Owned by Alfred Tolhurst. London. Intended for Thames excursion work, but resold.
1889. Sold to Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam Ship Co (mng Onesimus Dorey), Reg. Guernsey.
16th March 1895. Sold to James Watkins, London.
18th March 1895. Sold to Joseph Constant, shipbroker London.
6th July 1895. Owned by James Jones & Co. Swansea. Renamed ‘ALEXANDRA’.
21st May 1896. Sold to William A. Paine, Hastings.
14th August 1896. Owned by Hastings & St. Leonards Steamship Co (mng W. A. Paine),Reg. Hastings. Renamed ‘RUBY’.
3rd July 1897. Sold to Charles N. Stewart, London. (later went bankrupt).
16th December 1897. Owned by Paul A. Boulton on bankruptcy of Stewart.
24th December 1897. Owned by The Shipping & General Property Co. Ltd.
9th February 1898. By Admiralty Court, owned by Herbert W. Kent.
1898. Owned by W. T. Simmonds, Boston. Mng by J. W. Cooper, Reg. Boston.
25th July 1899. British Register closed on sale to French shipbreakers.
September 1899. Broken up at Calais.

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