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Built by:Tod & MacGregor, Glasgow.
Yard No.:46
Launched:September 1847
Tonnage:347 nrt 518 grt
Length:197 feet
Breadth:24 feet 4 inches
Depth:13 feet 4 inches
Machinery:300 hp. A pair of oscillating engines of 298 horse nominal power. Diameter of cylinders, 64 inches x 5 feet length of syroke.
She was the first vessel fitted with oscillating engines by Tod & MacGregor, and the second pair made in Glasgow.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Paddle-Wheel Steamer. Passenger / Cargo
Registered:10th December 1847 at Carlisle by Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Navigation Co.
Official No.:5893
Other info:Cost to build £17,000.
History:Built for Carlisle & Liverpool Steam Navigation Co.
2nd August 1851. Arrived at Lowestoft from Tonning with 206 head of cattle, 177 sheep, and 15 passengers.
22nd October 1852. Arrived at Lowerstoft, Captain Oliver, with 217 cattle and 194 sheep, and sailed again for Tonning.
8th November 1852. Purchased by the North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
4th December 1852. Sailed from Lowestoft for Grimsby.
10th December1852. Registered by W. S. Andrews, Managing Director for The Northern Steam Packet Company.
18th December 1852. Sailed from Grimsby for Hamburg.
30th December 1852. Arrived at Grimsby Roads from Hamburg, towed from off New Sand by the steam-tug ‘Rendel’, without coals, and having burnt everything available for fuel.
31st December 1852. The crew made a donation to the local infirmary with a reward they had received from a vessel they helped which was in distress.
28th January 1853. Arrived at Gravesend from Danzig.
12th August 1853. Arrived at Lowestoft from Tonning with 210 head of cattle and 152 sheep.
26th November 1853. Mr. Henry Rundell fell down the hold, a depth of 20 feet. He sustained a scalp wound, but later, doing well at home.
18th January 1856. Sailed from Lowestoft for London and them in a few days sail for the Crimea.
18th August 1856. Arrived at Lowestoft, Captain W. Rivers, from Portsmouth. She had recently arrived from the Crimea at Portsmouth, where she discharged military stores, and the transport staff which came home in her. She was the last ship that left Balaklava Harbour.
22nd September 1856. Had an open day for forty workers of Mr. Henry Overman, of Weasenham.
15th August 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft from Husam with 198 oxen, 190 sheep, and 72 lambs.
30th August 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft.
3rd September 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft with 237 beasts and 287 sheep.
12th September 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft with 221 beasts and 220 sheep.
18th September 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft with 129 beasts and 33 sheep.
29th September 1857. Due to arrive at Lowestoft.
9th October 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft from Husum with 193 oxen, and 224 sheep and lambs. Captain Rose.
19th October 1857. Sailed from Lowestoft for Husum with 14½ tons of oysters, six pigs, and sundry goods.
23rd October 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft from Husum with 202 head of oxen, 177 sheep, and 88 lambs.
7th November 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft from the Duchy of Schleswig with 143 beasts and 138 sheep.
16th November 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft, Captain Rose, from Husum with 194 head of oxen, 376 sheep, and 52 lambs.
22nd November 1857. Went to the aid of the barque ‘Bowling’ which was in a dangerous position and took the crew on board.
26th November 1857. Arrived at Lowestoft, Captain Rose, from Husum with a cargo of 103 head of oxen, and 317 sheep and lambs, and also having on board Captain Cay and crew of the ‘Bowling’, which had sunk. Later on in the day the Customs Officer charged Vere, Royse, Rose, and 23 others consisting of engineers, firemen, seamen, and cattlemen of concealing half a pound of tobacco in a water-closet on deck. As no one come forward and confessing to the property, left the Bebch no alternative but to carry the law into effect against the whole, they were fined in the single value of the goods, amounting to 5s . 6d. each, and costs 8d each.
1858. Registered by The North of Europe Steam Navigation Company.
July 1859. Sold to J. O. Lever for £3,250.
1860. Registered by J. O. Lever.
1862. Registered by William Holmes & Benjamin Hanson.
1863. Registered by Z. C. Pearson.
1864. Registered by J. Yeomans.
5th February 1864. While attempting to run blockade during American Civil War, captured at sea between Havana and Mobile by U.S.S. ‘Desoto’.
20th January 1865. Sold by prize court to J. T. Wright, Boston MA.
1870. Sold To C. A. Whitney, New York.
1871. Sold to J. T. Wright, NY.
1873/77. Sold to N. Gibson, Boston.

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