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Built by:C. Mitchell & Co, Tyne.
Yard:Low Walker.
Yard No.:7
Launched:8th September 1854
Length:203 feet 8 inches
Breadth:28 feet 5 inches
Depth:16 feet 2 inches
Machinery:120 hp. Built by Greenock Foundry, Greenock. 1 Screw.
Built of:Iron.
Type:Screw Steamer.
Registered:22nd December 1854 at London by Wm. S. Andrews.
Official No.:23424
Other info:Guns = 4
History:1854. Built as a mercantile ship.
30th December 1854. Taken in a cargo of sleepers and rails at Sunderland for the railway to be made at Balaklava, and is ready for sea.
18th January 1855. Arrived at Gibraltar, Captain D. Crookshank, from Southampton.
24th May 1855. Sold to the Crown. Renamed ‘HESPER’. Used as a store-ship.
9th November 1855. Was taken out of Woolwich dock with her steam up, having been thoroughly repaired. Just as she was swinging from the dock a barge, laden with huts, arrived for her to convey to the Crimea, but as the steam was up, she took the barge in tow and proceeded up to Deptford, where she will load with stores for the Crimea.
23rd August 1856. At Woolwich Dockyard.
10th October 1856. Sailed from Woolwich Dockyard in charge of Mr. Mugford, with provisions for Madeira.
2nd November 1856. Arrived at Madeira.
25th October 1857. Sailed from Singapore, Master Commander Hill, for Hong Kong.
16th November 1857. On the East Indies and China station under the command of Master commander Henry Hill.
15th March 1860. Commanded by Master commander William Henry Harris on the East Indies and China station.
6th June 1862. Commanded by Master commander Alexander Fraser Boxer as store ship on the East Indies and China station.
October 1868. Sold under her original name, ‘ ‘HESPERUS’.
1868. Sold to the Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co Ltd, London; renamed ‘INVESTIGATOR’. Converted into a cable laying and maintenance vessel.
1873. Sold to Eastern Extension, Australasia & China Telegraph Co.
1876. Sold to West Indies & Panama Telegraph Co Ltd, London.

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